Tuesday, 10 September 2013

baby love / a maternity series / four months / august 2013

These photos were taken just shy of one month ago. We just shot the fifth month instalment over the weekend. I've been a bad blogger indeed. And when I say that, I only feel bad for myself and my commitment to the project. I am happy to say there will be no repeat offence this month because I really can't wait to share the last session we have just done. A night shoot, something different. You can see a few preview shots over on my Facebook page. Shameless plugging, I know.

Click over here to watch the slideshow on Vimeo (I recommend in HD). I've been wanting to get The Beatles in on a session for a while, this song in particular, but it just didn't seem to fit anyone else. It is so joyful, it makes me smile from start to finish. And so fitting after our first instalment back in the depths of winter.

And of course, you can find the full collection of stills and words over here.

Music in Vimeo clip / The Beatles / Here Comes the Sun

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  1. Love these pics! Congrats on your little bump, hopefully you are past the sick stage. I miss my bubba bellies strangely enough. All the best x


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