Monday, 9 September 2013


Music / Peter Combe / Blow Out the Candles


  1. Happy birthday to you lovely lady. May your year of being 33 be a wonderful one:) xxxooo

  2. Happy Happy birthday! This post made me smile so much! Especially that last photo of you and your beautiful children - you look the happiest person :) May you remember this day always :)

  3. It's fascinating how a little thing can connect you to people at the other side of the globe, isn't it? I thought a lot about this lately, I find it so curious,...
    The first thing I feeled connected to you was doing this 52 weeks project, the second was you had three little ones, the third was discovering today you are my same age, so happy belated birthday, and enjoy your beautiful 33.
    It made me comment here for the first time, so hello from Galicia, Spain :)

  4. oh i looove this post!! happy birthday :)

  5. Happy belated Birthday, Tahnee! Hope it was good day. Love your necklace - was it a birthday gift?


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