Wednesday, 30 January 2013


I'm not sure if Tonton is a boy or a girl. But I do know Tonton is fabulous! Tonton travelled all the way from Israel to hang on a little person's wall for a while, before that little person will be old enough to play with his new clown friend.

I found him/her here while I was looking for a beautiful present for him, following his arrival into this big wide world. Tonton is as wonderful in person as in these pictures - bright and beautiful. Tonton is the equivalent of a quiet book only transformed into a clown, perfect for engaging those fine motor skills and tiny hands. My eldest two have been given quiet books and absolutely love them. All of Tonton's body parts and clothing pieces are removable by way of zippers, buttons, buckles, velcro or laces. The only thing that isn't removable is Tonton's pompom! When small hands have finished playing, Tonton can be hung on the wall to make everything cheery (or creep you out*).

Tonton arrived wrapped in vivid blue tissue paper and bow, with a colourful wooden keychain attached as a thankyou, and a sweet note from Karni. I wouldn't hesitate to make another purchase from her lovely shop. Handmade is the best!

*After yesterday's post, it would appear there are quite a few of you with clown phobias.. You absolutely, positively, did NOT make me laugh at said phobias. Honest.


  1. He/She definitely is cute! I love the idea of all of those fine motor knick knacks! It's wonderful :)


  2. I Love this Tahnee. Gorgeous Etsy find. x

  3. What a clever clown...wonderful...and definitely cheerful!

  4. Tonton is just delightful! What a brilliant gift idea.

  5. Tonton is pretty fabulous, in more ways than one!
    I was a clown once. For the most part I think I've blocked it out of my memory.


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