Tuesday, 29 January 2013


If I were a clown, I'd be a happy one. I'd have a big, bendy smile with bright red lips. My cheeks would hurt from all the smiling, and they would be sweet, candy pink from people telling me what a wonderful clown I was.

I realise this metaphor is completely ridiculous but I had to link the photo, no? Big bendy smile and sore, candy pink cheeks, absolute truth. THANKYOU SO MUCH for all the love on my big news post. Of course, I expected no less from you lovely folk, but you really blew me away with your support both here and {sharp inhale} here. For successful business purposes I must learn to love it. Okay, liking will suffice. No pun intended.

I really should have done a proper post tonight but, well.. Rafters is back. And then, as if that weren't enough, while scrolling the guide, I found Parenthood is back tonight, too! If you need me, I'll be on the couch with a cuppa (actually the floor - we're still in the strictly no food or drink on the new couch stage).

Tomorrow I will share the rest of this sweet, rosey lipped clown.

Big kisses to you all, my friends! xx 


  1. I am replying to this post from the comfort of my couch, closely glued to Rafters and anticipating Parenthood ;)

  2. cute clown (and I'm not usually a clown girl)
    thanks for the parenthood tip!
    and spill something on that couch soon so you can sit on it!!!

  3. I've just peeled myself off my lounge too :) but I added the gorgeous Simon Baker in The Mentalist to the list above. Ah we're all suckers for some uninterrupted Tv time... and eye candy! I have mixed feelings about clowns and those people who dress in costumes that you can't actually see into and walk around shopping centres in a mute state, but your clowns a cute one :)

    Sophie xo

  4. If I were a clown I'd be one of those frowny clowns with minimal clown make up. But only 'cos I'm just not a clown fan. x

  5. So i think you need to formally introduce us to the new couch?


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