Monday, 5 December 2011

weekend love

Finished kindy projects : the next big sibling thing : family portraits : new toy : playing with new toy : trouble (Ruby won) : postie love (on a Sunday! gotta love AusPost Christmas hours) : those chubby thighs : and rubber band arms : and lashes (they all have them) : corn dog : flowers : stars : soup : cake (both for a friend in need) : the climber : new Christmas reading with Nan : drawing and colouring.

A lovely weekend by all accounts, lots of slow, quality time with the kidlets, PJs till lunch time, Christmas craft, decorations, carols, visiting friends, a flying visit from Nanna and Pa. Not so lovely was Ruby's genuine disappointment and sadness that they weren't staying for Christmas. She gave them the cold shoulder to goodbye kisses and only came to the front door just as they were reversing out the driveway, only to stand there and not wave, then burst into tears the second they drove out of our street {insert aching mama heart}. Oh how she adores her Nanna and Pa. She used to get very upset saying goodbye from about sixteen months to two and a half (think sobbing mess), and then she got really good at it, not emotional at all. Seems like all that pent up emotion was released this afternoon. My poor baby. A late check for loot in our advent calendar, and the sweet sound and falling snow of our beautiful new Christmas globe (that she has been asking for, for a loooooooong time) seemed to lift her spirits.

Hope your weekend didn't end in tears, friends.

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