Saturday, 3 December 2011


I have mentioned the beautiful redhead before and have decided (perhaps it's that time of year that prompts a deeper thought) I should pay more attention to what I am grateful for in this big, beautiful world. And she's ace at all things grateful. Get your own lovely pink teacup button (over on the right) at her place.

So.. for my very first grateful post, this week I am grateful for.. friendship. Yes, an oldie but a goodie. And this week I was reminded of it again. I mentioned earlier in the week that last Sunday we had our Christmas get-together for our mothers group. Mothers groups are funny things - from what I know first hand and have heard from friends, they're either fabulous, or completely crap. There is no middle ground. I was lucky enough to be thrown into a fabulous one. I would go so far as to go all bad-arse (who am I kidding?) and say, fucking fabulous. All the girls will be life long friends, some of which I would definitely count as close friends. I still remember my mum telling my sisters and I, 'you will only ever count your closest friends on one hand'. And that is very true for me. The ones you would call if you were really in trouble and needed help. Ones that you can bare all to and not feel the slightest bit of judgement. Ones that understand without explanation. You know the sort?

We began as a dozen, sometimes a baker's, and now we are back to eleven with (I would say) my closest MG friend moving to Canberra last month, for her hubby's career. Oh how we miss them! While our friendships blossomed four years ago over the coos of our firstborns, they are so much more than just motherly connections now. I still find it amazing that a dozen strangers have so much in common after becoming friends based on our addresses and what day our babies chose to be born into this world. So yeah, this week I'm very grateful for friendship.


  1. It's lovely to hear you have such a great MG. I am also blessed with a great one - we are down to five now but I don't know what I would have done for the last four years without them.

  2. You're so lucky to have found such a great mothers' group that sticks together like that. Personally I just wasn't really the mothers' group type, but the little breakaway-four I was part of have stayed in touch. Friendship in all its forms is just one of the most precious things in life. To be embraced and adored.

    Thanks for joining in and being so kind too! x

  3. GREAT header photo. Look at that relationship! Reminds me of my 2 oldest when they were little.


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