Monday, 28 November 2011

weekend love

No weekend love would be more apt. Hubby had to work most of it so I didn't really click into weekend mode until about 1pm on Sunday. And Mr E thought he would surprise mummy with 5.40am and 5.20am wake up calls. The boy has NEVER risen that early. I am blaming his new pegs.

Anyway, even though there was very little time for recharge, it was a good one all the same with some early Saturday morning ALONE {baking and Christmas supplies} shopping. What a treat. Seriously, I could have been in one of those walking {who are they kidding? running} marathons I was pushing my dodgy-wheeled-trolley so fast. I just needed a headband and shorty shorts. Could have had something to do with the hot, strong latte in hand and no pram to push, filling my trolley with all sorts of lovely. Even running to the car in the deluge with umbrella was enjoyable, seeing as I was basking in my smugness that I was leaving the shops at the same time hoards were turning up to fight each other to the registers. I never go to the shops on a weekend - why would I when I can go on an early morning weekday when all is quiet? And if attendance is completely unavoidable, like this weekend, I go when some shops are still closed, and others are just rolling up their security doors. Yep, totally smug.

Saturday was a write-off for Melbournians with all the rain, lucky we had planned some kid craft, and baking for our mothers group Christmas gathering for Sunday morning. A lovely morning was had at the park, and the afternoon saw some Christmas spirit enter Chateau P with The Tree going up. Lush. Oh how I love Christmas. The Tree is only modelling 500 sparkly fairy lights at present, no time for decorations yet.. maybe tomorrow.

I hope your weekend played you some infectious Christmas carols like mine (with more on the way including this {squeal of excitement}. Told you I looooooooooove Christmas). Four year old backing/louder-than-lead vocals and dancing also very enjoyable.

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