Tuesday, 11 February 2014

ten on ten / february

This would have to be the lousiest bunch of photos for a ten on ten that ever existed.

Struck down with a virus and forced to spend all day on the couch with hubby and friend doing kindy and school pick ups, two minute noodles for dinner and into bed at 6.30pm, straight after the kids were asleep. Of course, the husband has it today.

Ahhhh the joys.

Joining Rebekah each month for Ten on Ten


  1. Oh no, hope you're all healthy soon! Beautiful pictures anyway!

  2. i hope you feel better -- but honestly, i loved the authenticity of this set. you are super talented and i love your eye!

  3. Oh no I hope you are all feeling better really soon. Your photos are beautiful as always lovely. Take care. xx

  4. Still so real! I hope you are feeling better today xo

  5. beautiful green wall! beautiful photos! (Found your blog thru bloglovin'.)
    Nice to meet you.
    : )

  6. gah! i forgot the ten on ten AGAIN! these are still wonderful, tahnee. hope you're all feeling better soon xx

  7. Poking my head in via Ten on Ten. I'm so sorry you were sick--hope you're feeling better! I agree with the commenters above, your photographs are still so observant and authentic.


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