Tuesday, 11 February 2014

love / an uberfine giveaway

So Valentine's Day will arrive at the end of the week and florists worldwide will have their busiest and most profitable day of the year. Hearts will overflow - or be broken.

Personally, this day on the calendar is just like any other. The husband and I have been together for ten years, married for eight of them. I could probably count on both hands the amount of times he has bought me flowers. But the amount of times he has bought chocolate home for me from the supermarket during a 10pm milk run? I've lost count.

Cleaning the kitchen EVERY evening after dinner (not even clean dishes left to air dry). That's love.
Vacuuming the house every weekend. That's love.
Putting a load of washing on before work, and waiting to hang it out. That's love.
Changing our bed sheets every Sunday morning. That's love.
Walking in the door after a long day at work and immediately tidying away the kids' toys. That's love.
Picking up fish and chips every Friday night on the way home from work so I can have a night off. That's love.
And he knows how much I love him. Because I tell him every day.

However you feel about love--whether it be the Hallmark kind or the real kind--the lovely Kate of Uberkate and Uberfine would like to make your V-Day a little sweeter.

Ruby feels she can wear my Uberfine Inner Heart better than I can..

Kate would like to share an Uberfine Inner Heart with one of my lovely readers. It could be you! Just leave me a comment answering the same question my smalls did - What is Love?

This giveaway will be short and sweet. Winner will be drawn Friday evening, 14 February. Best answer wins!


Wow, you guys! That was so much fun reading all your answers as they came in--you almost made it too hard for me to choose!

But choose I must. So.. the winner is.. MICHELLE! (and I hope hubby took the new runners out of the bin eventually!)

Please leave me your email address and the lovely girls at Uberkate will be in touch very soon.

Thanks to all for entering!


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  1. True story:
    We went to see "Frozen" the other day and afterwards Jack (5) asked me "mummy - what's love?
    And I said - "when you care about someone so much that you'll do almost anything to make them happy"
    (wishfully thinking of back rubs, no bickering etc)
    And then he says - "the song says love is an open door - so that must be right"


  2. For me true love is when I'm allowed to sleep in despite my husband being up with the children all night. For us it's the little things xx

  3. Oh this is such a beautiful post I do love Eliot's answer to what love means:) I suppose for me love is knowing someone is there for me no matter what and accepts me for who I am even the quirky bits. xxx

  4. Baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa....
    I'm sorry, that's what immediately comes to my head when I hear this question.

  5. Love is.... a battlefield, a warm swelling of the heart, unconditional, sacrifice, and forever. Some people think you only fall in love once, but I fall in love every time I see my husband and children.

  6. What is Love? Love is collecting all the picture books about love in my school library and handing them out to teachers to read ALL week with their students. Love is celebrating Valentines Day and International Book Giving Day and leaving lovely books for others to find and keep and love - random Valentines Day presents rock. Love is beautiful stories and beautiful Uberkate pendants!

  7. Love is LOVE ACTUALLY, off to watch it now :)

  8. Love.... is buying your hubby runners, and getting crabby when he decides he would rather have that bottle of wine with you than join you for your run, Love.... is throwing said bottle of wine down the drain, runners in the bin. Love .... is before mentioned husband coming with a run in thongs!

  9. love is great
    love is fun
    love is an adventure
    love is hard
    love is you
    love is me
    love is never empty
    love is busy
    love is sparkly
    love is the ocean
    love is smiles
    love is confetti
    love is everything

  10. Love is putting up with your partners flatulence on a daily basis and still loving him more each day!

  11. One day you look in someone's eyes and there it is!

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  13. Love is my husband making me a latte every morning, when all he drinks is a long black. He froths the milk by hand, with vanilla in it and sprinkles cinnamon in a heart shape on top!

  14. Love is life's mirror when we can bear to look. x

  15. Emma emailed me to say she was having trouble commenting so I am posting her comment on her behalf ::
    For me, for this time in my life, love is finding someone with whom you can have the life that you imagined you would…..and….love is being selfish enough to love and forgive yourself for picking the wrong partner because that partnership created 2 amazing little beings.

  16. From my small: your hugs :)

  17. Love is feeling your heart almost bursting when your little one hands you a flower "because it's just as pretty as you are".

  18. I thought I knew what love was until I had my children. But when I held my first child in my arms, I knew then that I had never felt TRUE love before. At that moment, as with my subsequent children, I fell deeply, irrevocably and completely IN LOVE. A Mother's love is unconditional. It knows no boundaries and transcends time itself. It is as eternal and enduring as the stars...

  19. Love is. Embracing life's little moments with my love ones by my side.

  20. My daughter's trusting arm resting lightly on the back of my neck.

  21. Love is: when you feel that tightening in your chest when you look at someone & know that they're forever in your heart.

  22. Love is a joy that fills your soul, warms your heart and make everyday just that extra bit better :0)

  23. WOOHOO - he did take them out!
    And even went for a run. I did feel a bit guilty about the dummy spit, but as I said ... call it LOVE
    Email address timandmichelle@iprimus.com.au

  24. Love is the little things. Being there when your family is sick, doing the washing, making their days fun. Sharing love. A smile, tickles, watching your children as they fall asleep, holding hands with ads, making handmade valentines, teaching poppy how to make bread. Snuggling up at night with ads watching tv and sharing a class of wine. Simple pleasures and togetherness.


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