Monday, 4 November 2013

stills / a weekly collection

I lie. They're really just weekend stills because it would appear as though I hardly picked up my camera during the week and what I did snap, was fairly uninteresting.

This weekend isn't even over yet. Like many, we get four days off with school and kindy closed today for report writing and our Melbourne Cup holiday tomorrow. We're certainly making the most of it. Everything just feels better when you know you've got four days off ahead of you!

I took the kids to the show on Saturday and left the poor overworked husband to a quiet house and some rest. I was all gung ho, YEAH! THIS WILL BE GREAT! The sun was shining, the sky was the bluest of blues. It was the weekend. What could go wrong?!

Overwhelmed children not sure whether to run first to the rides, show bags, face painting, pony riding, ice cream van, animal nursery.. took every ounce of my patience to contain. Being in public totally helps. Because if we were at home my head would have blown off and all ended in tears. Instead I breathed and spoke calmly and explained that we cannot physically, POSSIBLY do EVERYTHING all at ONCE. With the glaring. The eye glaring to punctuate the IMPORTANT bits. Yep. I am SO my mother.

Once we passed through the rides - fairly unscathed - things were much smoother. We had a lovely day together. A very exhausting day, but a lovely one indeed. The main reason we decided to go was to see some artwork Ruby had done in art class at school, which had been chosen to be shown in the children's art gallery. Given the size of the gallery I am surprised we even found it! But we did, and we also found a Very Highly Commended award stapled to her Symmetrical Butterfly. She was quite chuffed. Me? I think I was even more chuffed. That silly parent heart swelling thing.


  1. These photos are brilliant. Especially the stuffed animals, the curls and the popcorn. :) Life well lived.

  2. go Ruby!! looks like a most wonderful weekend, I mean minus the glaring of course. xo


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