Tuesday, 5 November 2013

something for the kids

So it's November and we're getting our Christmas lists organised, thinking about decorations and holidays on the horizon, putting in special orders with the relos to encourage a useful gift rather than a noisy, battery operated one (is that just me?!).. filling out the calendar and wondering how the hell we don't have a free weekend between now and Christmas ALREADY. Ho ho ho.

A shopping guru I am not. I see others post photos on social media of fabulous things they have bought for Christmas, which are usually purchased from a site I have never heard of, bar a small handful. Last year I did quite a bit of online shopping because we travelled north to be with my family and I only wanted to lug it home - not up as well. That is the beauty of online shopping.

I will probably do as much online shopping as I can this year too. I like to try and support small business this time of year and there are some real beauties out there making a living from their talented hands and minds.

Here's one that may interest you if you have smalls under five. I think every parent I know has purchased or been gifted one of those toddler couches that pulls out into a little bed. Usually covered in an ever so appealing Dora, Pooh Bear or Igglepiggle motif. Classy too. Generally lasts about a month before it begins to lose its shape and fall apart. Probably cost you about $50. A great investment, it is not.

Instead of wasting your hard earned cash, you could try one of these instead.

I found TLC Upholstery at the Flemington Market many moons ago. I had one made for Missy and Middle for Christmas back in 2009 (when they were two and a half and seven months old respectively).

Yes, it will cost you about twice as much as a stylish character clad version, but this one is made PROPERLY. With upholstery fabric, sofa quality foam and even little feet on the bottom - like a REAL couch. Ours is about to turn four and still looks as good as the day I picked it up from the factory. The fabric hasn't faded or lost it's shape or become so unbearably ugly/filthy that you can't stand it a minute longer and have to throw it out even though it's your kid's favourite thing EVER.

It has been used in every room in our home. Climbed on, sat on, jumped on. And it is still in perfect condition. That's money well spent, I'd say.

No, it doesn't fold out into a little bed, but I am most certain that is the entire reason those couches fall apart so quickly, being opened and closed fifty times a day, so I say be done with it and buy one of these instead.

Trevor will make up any fabric combo you like. When I found him all his show pieces were in kid friendly print (very classy kid friendly print I must say). I am such a horrible mother, I can't bear the cutesy kiddo stuff. So I picked some designs that would match our home. Not our two year old. Because two year olds become five year olds and suddenly Igglepiggle isn't so great anymore. When I chose the fabrics Trevor looked at me as though I was a little nuts, but was impressed with the finished piece. As was I. It blended in and didn't stick out like dog's balls. As the saying goes..

If you're not in Melbourne, I have no doubt Trevor has reasonable freight charges to get you what you need. He also makes adult sized furniture. That clever fold away stuff to hide all manner of crap from your holiday visitors. Or prop a drunken holiday visitor on for the night. So clever.

And if you choose the safari print, we can still be friends.

Cushions made using a tutorial from Made by Joel

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