Monday, 7 October 2013

baby love / stills

Hello! Feels good to be home from our little roadtrip with late night, early rising, holiday treat, sugar high, exhaustive and trying behaviour behind us (from all - including me).. slowly getting back into the groove of home life, savouring our last few days of calendar free time, polishing school shoes, preparing for our final term of the year.. yes - how DID that happen?!

With many thanks to great discussion and communication between this wonderful bloggy bunch, those pesky image problems have been solved (thanks Kirsty!). Turns out I had to get with the times and join Google+ to correct the problem. I feel so NOW. I have no idea how to use it but at least my photos are pretty again. Priorities, people. If you've been having trouble with your images uploading with weird colours/backgrounds, clarity issues and noise, then have a look here. Some genius at Google decided an auto enhance option would be grand. Well it's not.

Rectifying the image problem meant I could finally get the stills collection up for the latest monthly capture of BABY LOVE. So go and have a look. And if you missed it last week, you can watch the slideshow here.


  1. beautiful, beautiful. I love that you are doing this project with your sister. special memories for you both. xo


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