Monday, 16 September 2013

the c word

This is a pretty random post and one that I had intended to share with you LAST Christmas. Ahem. But apparently Christmas is only 99 days away so I guess it's kind of relevant again. Yes, I said NINETY NINE.

Of course you know who Shannon Lamden is - creator, fabric designer, illustrator, superior cushion maker, crafting guru and all round funny girl at Aunty Cookie HQ. Each Christmas for the last few years (that I can remember..) she has offered family portrait commissions. A fabulously unique gift if ever there was one. Each year I have thought how much I would like to have one done of our family. Each year the money has been spent elsewhere given the expensive nature of the silly season and I am still without a portrait. But last year I did buy one for my sister, her husband and their brand new son.

I gave her a very short brief on their personalities..

Bree - likes chocolate, Kardashians, half strength caramel lattes, telling it like it is
Ash - likes surfing, discovery channel, peace and quiet
Rome - likes boobs, sleeping and staying in his pjs all day

The resemblance is uncanny, don't you think?

She's a busy woman and there's no telling whether she'll be offering up her usual Christmas commission announcement but I'll definitely be keeping an ear out. You should too.


  1. that's wonderful and what a gift! just linked to you as my favourite of last week in the 52 project as well my lovely! Your photography is inspiring xxxx

  2. This is so great! I love this talent, and the uniqe artwork she does. Just in time for us to contact her before Christmas. Thanks Tahnee! x


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