Sunday 22 September 2013


A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013

Ruby :: I thought this week's portrait for Missy would be easy - a birthday portrait. And while I had many to choose from, and feel this milestone for her (and us) is a big one (six is SO big!), having her ears pierced was a bigger milestone. She had been asking for months and we agreed she could have them done for her birthday. She sat as still as a statue in that little room with the piercing gun held to her ear, her eyes only widening at the sound as those sparkly flowers made their way into her lobes.
Cole :: the glasses are helping to keep that mop out of his eyes. A hair cut is on this week's list.
Eliot :: snack time

The stripes had it for me last week.


  1. ooo ear piercing, the flower earrings are lovely but my mama heart panicked for you as I read! lovely portraits, i linked to you as last weeks favourites xxxx

  2. Gorgeous:) How exciting it must have been for Ruby getting her ears pierced, we too celebrate 6th birthdays with ear piercing. Cole looking very cool and yummy sultanas for a snack:) Happy birthday to your big girl. xxx

  3. All rockstars wear their glasses while eating cereal.

  4. Love the glasses! Brilliant shot! Thanks so much for mentioning us in your post :) xxx

  5. We'll have to try the sunglass trick here. Your Ruby is so brave, we got so far as sterile wipes on the ear lobes, guns poised, and then "I've changed my mind". Part of me wanted to strangle her, but the other part just scooped her up in a big cuddle and said " maybe another time" xx

  6. Brave birthday girl, rock star with attitude, love those little plastic bowls. Perfect for sultanas. Last week your photos were my favourites. I just love your photography in general, but last weeks were my favourites! x


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