Sunday, 29 September 2013

baby love / a maternity series / five months / september 2013

Another month along in this beautiful journey I get to share in with my little sister. If you've missed part of the series you can read about our little project here.

This was definitely our favourite shoot so far.

Blogger seems to be throwing a tanty at the moment and turning all my photos to utter shite as they upload (I know I am not alone), so unfortunately I couldn't get a full stills post up last night before we hit the road this morning for a little road trip. When it's finished having its little outburst, there will definitely be a full stills collection.

But you CAN see this month's video over here (something else that turns to shite when I embed it here?!).

Music / Colbie Caillat / Capri

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  1. Such a great project, Tahnee. Makes me sad my sister is so far away - I'd love an afternoon with her every month. Over half way already! Can't wait to see the next 4 months, super exciting times :)


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