Friday, 23 August 2013

the tip shop

It's actually called the Reuse Shop. But it's located at the front of the tip and everything inside has been salvaged from it. I like to pay a visit every now and then, and if I need a little piece of furniture, it's usually the first place I look. I bought this bed head for Cole a while ago. Five bucks, thankyou very much.

It actually had the foot to match but the middle piece to support the mattress was beyond salvage. It's also only a single, and I needed a king single. After I found it I called the husband to give me the difference in width between a single and a king single. I thought about those six centimetres each side of the bed head.. would it really be that noticeable? I decided no, it wouldn't. It was just too beautiful to leave in that shed for someone else to snap up. I sent a message to my tip shop guy - yes, our relationship is on that level - and he stuck that little sticker on for me.

You could quite easily have left it the way it was. But I'm not a lover of dark, shiny wood. And I could already see it finished, the way it should be in our home. A few coats of paint later and it looked much more like Cole.

Given I only had a headboard to work with, I needed to attach it to the ensemble base. I like a project and I DEFINITELY like getting the drill out. The boys and I headed to Masters - DEFINITELY because of those genius faux car trolley thingies that they love to ride in - and spent five times as much as the bed cost on nuts, bolts, washers and ply. Those bastard bolt companies selling THREE bolts in a packet must be using cash as loo paper. Who would EVER need just THREE bolts for ANYTHING? Three legged tables and chairs aren't that popular.

A bit of measuring, drilling, screaming at the boys not to touch the drill later.. my plan had come together and the boy finally had a pretty bed. Isn't that what all boys want? Need? He told me he loooooooved it and how very proud of me he was that I made him the best bed in the whole entire world. Even though he adds in the whole entire world to almost every sentence at the moment.. I'll still take it. Time for some new linen and he's done.

Meanwhile, all three ended up with new blankets over the weekend. I spied the sale table at Bed Bath & Table and couldn't resist. I wanted to buy the fruit for Missy, but she insisted on pink and grey owls. I tried to convince her that a beautiful multicoloured pattern was more appealing but she was having none of it. Cole proudly told the shop assistant that the bikes are miiiine. Eliot wasn't with us and could not care less about such important matters as pretty bedding, so I was happy to force the fruit on him.

So, are you a DIY-er?
Do you salvage old gems of furniture and instantly see them in your head, the way they should be?
Do you have your tip shop guy's mobile number?
Have you EVER had a use for ONLY THREE BOLTS?


  1. Love love LOVE the bed head!!! I love head boards and finding them at second hand shops and painting them up! That looks amazing!! Love the boys room that shelving in the middle looks fantastic!!!!!! Such a cool boys room!!!!!

  2. The tip shop rocks! There's one at Kimbriki in Sydney that is ENORMOUS and a little bower bird's paradise. I am saving up for a visit!! x

  3. I've never heard of it, but I'm very interested in investigating

  4. Wow- looks fantastic!

  5. Love it. I am a huge DYIer. Everything in our house as far as furniture, has come from second hand stores, Ebay, or the side of the road. Have never done the tip option, but now you have me thinking....

  6. Love love love your comment re the bolts. Hubby hates the 3 pack EVERY time we go. He now chooses the 100 pack so that he has spares. Trouble is, every DIY job requires a different 100 pack. He reckons he uses them when I'm not looking. I'm not convinced.

  7. Eeeek! I love it! I love the colour, I love the fact it's a tad smaller than the 'king' single mattress and I love the fact it was $5!! Oh and I totally adore the fact you have the tip shop dude on speed dial. I need to up my tip shop ante!

  8. Yep, Just today I posted about my op shop (upside down, much to hubby's horror) cane bed head. LOVE a bargain!
    Yours looks fab, lucky kid x

  9. Grand Job on Cole's headboard, it's a beautiful shape, and looks fantastic! Oh you know I do love a good DIY!

    The tip shop here is enormous...seriously huge, like nothing I had know in our part of Melbs. It is the kind of place you could lose a small child or, two for that matter, consequently I try not to take the kids. I have had to stay away lately as I have three projects waiting in the Garage - two purchased from the tip shop and one the best road side pick up in the world.

  10. Love tip shops! Love roadside rubbish rummaging too.
    In fact one of my favorite photos of my mum, her brothers and her father are of them scouting together in the Canberra tip shop. (We have the hoarding gene)
    Love your commitment your project. I have many half done projects around the house that I should get on too ;)


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