Friday, 23 August 2013

a little boost

I made a few small changes around home this week in an attempt to boost my spirits and get some new energy and inspiration floating the hallways. A cheap bunch of bright blooms split between small vessels and distributed throughout rooms. Some little bottles of those oil and stick things that make everything smell like frangipanis. I bought a vase that I turned into a new utensil holder by the stovetop. It's punchy and bright and says good morning!, every morning. The painted desk top was put back and the new computer was unwrapped so I can get cracking on some editing. I picked up Johnny's new album this afternoon and his sweet, sultry sound will be filling my head, all weekend.

But the best change I made this week cost me $3.95. I replaced the old oil burner. It was ugly. So ugly it had been living at the back of a cupboard for some time now. I wasn't looking for one, but he was staring at me from the store shelf and I just knew he should keep me company in the kitchen. He lives in the windowsill. He's been burning Serenity all week and the gentle wave of woody citrus filling the house has made me feel alive, from sun up to sun down. Such a tiny thing, making a profound difference. If you're not burning pure essential oils, do yourself a favour and find an owl to sit in your windowsill. You'll feel all the better for it. Promise.*

Happy weekend to you, friends x

*If you're pregnant, be sure to check which essential oils are safe to burn during pregnancy.


  1. I was only thinking the same thing today, I was at Mum's and she had lemongrass burning, yummo, i'm going to buy myself some this weekend and look for a utensil vase just like that- just gorgeous- a beautiful pop of colour x

  2. It really is those small things that make a world of difference! We've been popping pictures on newly painted walls, placing a vase here & there and just putting tiny stamps of "us" around the home, it's enough at the moment to keep me going in a home that needs a pretty drastic renovation that we just can't do at the moment. That vase is very cool! I need to keep my eye out for something similar. What new computer did you get? x


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