Saturday, 6 April 2013

easter rewind

Relaxed. Enjoyed. Documented. Done.


  1. Tahnee your photos are all just absolutely stunning, all of them. Love the last one of your little boy in his pj's it's just gorgeous. xx

  2. Easter Pj's a go go! Stunning pics. And those Hot Cross Buns look great.
    How has the chocolate eating been going? It's still not completely out of my house. Johnny and I are slowly getting rid of it though. It's for the kids best interest of course :)

  3. So lovely. What a nice Easter you all enjoyed. x

  4. You threw such an awesome Easter bash... would love to come over for one of your holidays and pretend I'm one of your kiddos ;) Glad you all had such a great time and have such perfect photos to remember it by x

  5. These moments you have captured are beautiful. I love every single picture. I have been scrolling through your blog for the last hour. I seriously love every post. xx

  6. That last image is really very special :) you are so awesome :)


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