Sunday, 7 April 2013


A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013

Ruby :: inspecting what colour dinosaur eggs lay inside..
Cole :: this boy has been challenging me of late.. he has been so emotional and so strong in making his opinions heard. He disappeared to the playroom for a while this morning and returned as if nothing had changed.. I think he forgot he was dressed as a pirate. As much as he has been challenging me lately, three is such a beautiful age.
Eliot :: that moment when you switch a fairly ordinary photo to black + white. Much better.

My colourful favourite last week came from Preeti and her joyful little soul.


  1. Captain Cole is too cute. Jenson is all about Pirates at the moment too. Three is a beautiful age isn't it. Challenging at times, but so so beautiful at others.

  2. These pictures are beautiful, such lovely children you have, and that picture of Cole is truly incredible!!

  3. A whole lotta love from here. I recently found some of Noah's dress ups. I can't wait to capture Parker wearing them. x

  4. your little pirate shot is gorgeous x

  5. Gorgeous shots Tahnee. I love Cole as a pirate, so cute! xo


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