Friday, 5 April 2013

marching on

Dear March

I can't believe you're gone already.. your stay seemed so short. You were wonderful and challenging, exhilarating and horrid, all rolled into one. You gave me firsts, in collections and meetings, challenges, sleep deprivation, lazinesscelebration, enjoyment, surprise, satisfaction and finally, relief. While the horrid was consistent and unforgiving, the dotted wonderful here and there stamped it's authority to make me remember you in a wonderfully generous, giving light. Midway through, I had my doubts. But you turned out to be pretty damn great.

Your friend, April, is finally here and she has brought beautiful southern winds with her. The nice kind - where a cool, cleansing breeze can blow through the house, shoo-ing away the last of the stubborn nasties, lingering in dark corners. Your not-so-lovely friend, May, will have more bite to her I am sure. Singlets are being worn and dressing gowns pulled from their hooks. The Easter Bunny delivered fluffy new winter jarmies to the smalls. The washing now has a curfew to avoid the damp night air, no carefree 9pm collections happening anymore. The heater has even been humming these last few mornings as the sun has taken it's sweet, sweet time shining it's warmth through our windows. I am so glad she will bring with her, an end to daylight savings. While it makes no song and dance for our smalls at bedtime (thanks to the most awesome creator of blockout curtains), I will simply be happy to see the sun rise, and the evening fall, as nature intended.

We swapped the kids' rooms around last weekend, moving Ruby back on her own and the boys together, for the first time. Ruby can have more time in the evenings for her reading and we can gently (or firmly) encourage Cole's focus of brotherly love to come in a more gentle way. For one day, Eliot will be bigger than he.. 

So thanks for the memories, March. The official newness of the year is behind us, though I have a pleasant feeling that newness will continue to show itself here and there, as I meet more new faces in the months to come.

Till next year..



  1. What lovely little pictures Tahnee! I'm liking your new header and caption underneath :) Very well thought out. Here's to be productive April that will hopefully give you rest in between all you have planned to do...

    Sophie xo

  2. wow...yes the newness of the year has gone hey! Love your images, especially the framed "i think i can" timely for us all to remember that quote! wishing you wonderful memories created in April xx

  3. Tell. Me. About it.
    Where did this month go?! So excited that things are continuing to blossom in photo-land for you, Tahnee. It makes me unbelievably happy to have watched you through this journey and finally chasing that dream!

  4. I want to come to your place and drink tea and look at all your photos you have ever taken. x


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