Monday, 8 April 2013

weekend love

It was lovely and slow. Isn't slow just THE BEST? Yes indeed.

Why would you sit on a chair to eat your weetbix when you can stand?
T-Rex gets a little help with his roaring style.
Someone is telling me how much everything costs at the fruit and veg shop. Without a single error. Just out of the blue. Like all hi mum, I can totally tell you how much your broccoli costs - three dollars and ninety nine cents a kilo. There was a lot of high fiving. Spelling everything and anything she sees. Singing the alphabet song. I love the idea of the alphabet song. I am learning to hate the alphabet song. Do vampires really vacuum? I think not.
Water in a bucket. Hours of fun right there.
With the recent room changes came the cupboard purging. Bags and bags and bags of baby and toddler clothes, toys, stuff. Some of the bags will be heading to the Philippines to help clothe families who cannot afford to buy their own. The rest will be coming with me to a Baby & Kids Market in the very near future.
We totally hire dinosaur undie wearing tradies around here.
In addition to all the spelling and writing and singing.. the girl is crafting like a maniac. Colouring, cutting, making, drawing. And I LOVE IT. She has this new focus and enthusiasm that is just oozing out of her. She is making me smile. A lot.
Post bath banana bread and milk, accompanied by a little light Tassie Devil research. One on the stuffed exhibit, the other hard on the, er.. book. Library seems a little lacking in the Tassie Devil department..
Those little lanterns signal dream time. Quiet. Stillness. Ahhhh.

Was your weekend slow too? I hope so xx

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  1. yes, yes. Slow is definitely the best. right up there with getting out in the garden and planting and pottering and digging. We love that too, its just as good for the soul.
    Tell me more about the clothing going to the Philippines, I will doing the kids cupboards this week also.
    Ruby has been doing the same with her creative hands. Drawing, cutting, colouring, sticking. At every opportunity. I LOVE it too. so much to be proud of.

  2. Love the colours of your home. Very bright and cheerful.
    I;m soaking up that dream time right about now. Nothing sweeter than sleeping kiddies ;-)


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