Monday, 18 February 2013

kindy boy

He's been waiting to go to kindy since Ruby started - over two years ago! Every drop off and pick up he would want to stay, often there would be tears because he couldn't. Only now, after the wait, he gets shafted because three year old kindy is being phased out in Victoria (not sure about other states?) and more hours are being allocated to four year old kindy. Fair enough, though Middle would disagree.

In the phasing out period, obviously three year old places have dwindled considerably and we missed out on a proper kindy spot for him. While we are calling it kindy, technically it's called a rostered playgroup, organised by a local kindergarten, run by an experienced kindergarten teacher, but not allocated an assistant - which means they must have four parent helpers every class, to enable to sessions to run with an acceptable adult/child ratio for unqualified helpers. A parent of each child must stay to assist four sessions per term. The catch? You cannot bring younger siblings with you - because it will throw out the adult/child ratio. Most awesome for those of us with more smalls and no support network to palm them off and look after them for a few hours. It's the best that was on offer to allow him a kindy-esque experience, and time to interact with similar aged children, without his siblings - which I believe is very important. We are lucky in that hubby's work hours are very flexible and we will be able to alternate with who helps out and who stays home with the Small.

Being his usual Mr Cool, not too much phases him. Starting kindy was no biggie. He was actually disappointed that I had to stay for the first session (they encouraged parents to stay to help with settling in). Since then, there is always discussion in the car on the way to kindy that I will, most certainly, NOT be staying. Okay kid - it's nice to feel loved!

He's doing wonderfully, as was expected. Something else that was also expected? Enjoying two mornings a week, for TWO WHOLE HOURS at a time, just my Small and me. This is both blissful and strange. I had no memory of what it felt like to care for only child. I feel a little sad for my kindy boy, that he didn't get to have me all to himself at all. Eliot arrived a week after Ruby began three year old kindy. Of course he knows no different, has no idea he missed anything at all. The middle child draws the short straw for a good handful of things..


  1. What adorable photos! He looks SO excited to be going!!

  2. I think the same about my middle child! It made it harder to send her off to school I am sure!

  3. Oh My Goodness - ADORABLE!! Look at him, proud as punch. As he should be.
    Yes, I know what you mean about the middle too. That may be why Jenson is the one who gives the best cuddles. He may not have had as much time, but he may get slightly more cuddles. :)


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