Sunday, 27 January 2013


I had hoped to drop by early last week to let you know things would be pretty quiet here for the remainder of the week. I just know you hang on my every word.. ahem. Obviously that didn't happen with consecutive 52 posts appearing instead. And a gap of SIX whole days in my Lightroom library. I cannot recall the last time my camera sat idle for almost a week. I actually took it on an outing midweek and didn't have the want or the energy to pick it up. Instead I chose to soak up the day with my memory and enjoy the company of a beautiful friend and her smalls.

I feel like I woke at 4am last Monday morning, readying the Small and I for a 6am flight home from a quick trip to mum and dad's, slept a few hours during the week and ended up here again - Sunday night. Of course this would be the week hubby would return to work too. I had at least a fortnight of work to do, and only five days to complete it in. I had been asked to shoot an event coming up in March. The event includes advertising and official sorts of paperwork. All official like. Official things that I had no idea about, nor had any one of such official things prepared. There was poor communication on both sides of the fence, my not asking and their not telling. But I got there in the end, deadline met. Never mind the midnight, 1am, 2am, 3am finishes. Oh the burning eyes.

The burning eyes were worth all the hours. I learnt a great deal. Pushing ahead even though I was unsure of the route.. it was a foggy road but I was sure of my destination.

And so, a little labour of love is born..

My deadline would never have been met without the help and support of three amazing ladies. One in my little sister, giving her honest opinion of every question or company name suggestion put to her over many months (with fear of hurting my feelings banished to the abyss), and lending her capable hand, and mind, to write my company message (example of such scary officialness). Words I would never have been able to put together myself, but written as if she were standing in my shoes. I guess only flesh and blood could have come up with something so right.

Without realising it, my eldest little sister has given me food for thought for a long time. Indirectly, yet enough to warrant a pensive gaze. She asked me to capture her new son for her and her husband, over Christmas, as well as their new family as three. Waiting as many weeks to see these up on the computer, to see how beautifully they turned out, gave me more incentive to be sure of my destination.

And for the trifecta, a dear friend, one whom it would seem I have known forever, yet have actually known less than a year, counting on one hand the amount of times we have been in the same room together. My heartfelt thanks to the blogosphere for dropping her in my lap. She's been my cheer squad, my proofer, my sounding board, my HTML/CSS guru. And she did it all while looking after her smalls. She fit me and my anal requests into little (and large) pockets of her day to make sure I made it to the end of Friday, with all the officialness, officially submitted.

I am so blessed to have such special women in my life. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou xxx

And then there was you. Yes, you. Playing your part in this little community here, supporting me and watching me grow behind the lens from my first months of posting such lame photos. You've taken the time to stop by, and comment, to leave your words of encouragement and strength, helping me more than you could ever know. It was your loyal encouragement that made me see that maybe I was better than average. Maybe my photos had a bit of special in them. Maybe I could chase the dream. Maybe I could be strong enough to stand up and show my children that they should chase their dreams. And for that, you have my eternal gratitude.

I am green, so very green. I know how to take good photos, but there is so very much I do not know. I want to take great photos. Amazing photos. Breathtaking photos. But rather than waste another year or two, learning more and dreaming more, I decided to do it together. I think 98% of the time, in life, we learn more by being thrown in the deep end. Perhaps I am crazy for jumping. But crazy feels good right now.

*I am having issues with transferring my blog over to my official domain name through blogger. Because of my tight time constraints, this was the best option for me to get a site up and running. Every time I try to set up a Google Apps account to verify my domain name to be able to change over in blogger, I reach a Google server error - please try again later. All the support links and info are giving me no help at all.. my head is close to exploding! If you've experienced the same thing, I would be SO VERY grateful for your advice/help! You can either leave a comment or email me. Thankyou!


  1. Tahnee you're an inspiration :) I have enjoyed every inch of you lovely blog since the moment I discovered you. You have a natural talent... Run wild with it! I hope one day that I can muster up the courage to do the same - I'm still playing and dreaming... I love the company name. Love it all and cannot wait to see your journey unfold! Count me in as an official cheerleader too.

    Sophie xo

  2. Congratulations my beautiful friend! I cannot say just how excited I am for you, and so so proud of taking these leaps, trusting yourself and following your dreams. You've been inspiring me ever since I "met" you, through the interwebs, and now beyond. I look forward to seeing you capture the love.
    Wishing you every success. xxoo

  3. This is wonderful, Tahnee. I just know your business will be a huge success. Your ability to grab life forever through yor lens is just extraordinary. So inspirational. x

  4. Tahnee this is amazing! Yay you. You do take the most beautiful photos so I'm sure this venture will be the best of new beginnings for you all. Congratulations! x

  5. Congratulations Tahnee, the new project is fantastic and gorgeous as usual. I will be in touch as I would love to have to snap us! Congrats again

  6. Congratulations, Tahnee! Looking forward to seeing how your venture unfolds!

  7. Oh Tahnee nothing makes me happier than reading this! Congratulations on making your dreams happen. You are wonderful! xo

  8. i've got my pompoms shaking in my lounge! give me a T, give me an A, give me a H-N-E-E, what does it spell? super photographer! you have always been talented at pretty much everything you lay your hands on. jump in and let your magic do it's thing. so happy for you xxx

  9. Yes! SO pleased to read this! Congratulations and the very best of wishes for you in your exciting new venture. You are bound for success! X

  10. So exciting Tahnee. Your photos are beautiful.

  11. Such exciting and fabulous news
    Yay for you!!

  12. SO happy for you! (And excited!!!) you go!

  13. Oh Tahnee Good On You!!! Congratulations on your new venture I wish you every success I have no doubt it will go from strength to strength you have such a talent. To think I have some of your early work - photos of Lucas and Ruby on the floor of your old house as wee babes. I'm only disappointed that I now live so far away I would have loved to have you take photos of our new babe in those early weeks as our family grows larger and closer together. Big hugs and may this new chapter bring you all you hope for. xxx R

  14. Congratulations Tahnee! Such a natural step for you (although probably scary at the same time). Good luck and I look forward to seeing more!

  15. Gosh I can't even begin to tell you how happy I am to hear of your new are magic behind a lens and have the knack to tell a story without words.
    Your new blog is gorgeous Tahnee...congratulations.

  16. You and everything you do is awesome. So proud right now!


  17. I am so so happy for you Tahnee. The website looks fantastic. I look forward to following along on your new adventure may it be a wonderful one. xx


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