Monday, 24 December 2012

merry and bright

10.53pm on Christmas Eve was not the time I was hoping to sit down to write this {now severely shrunken because of the late hour} post. But I cannot let the big day arrive without sending you my warmest wishes with outstretched arms, thanking you all for clicking those mice and trackpads through your blogger feeds, supporting me throughout the year. This year has been full, a mixed bag. After Christmas, when all is calm again, I will have time to reflect on all that this year brought my way, our way. In many ways there is little difference in our family life than when the year began. But there is one huge difference, one big gift this year has given me and I am so looking forward to making it even bigger when the new year rolls around.

From me to you, and mine to yours, Merry Christmas, friends. Be safe and merry. Merry and bright! xx

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  1. Merry Christmas to you, Tahnee! Again- always so thankful to have been able to connect with you over the past year. Can't wait to see what's in store for 2013, I know in my heart it will bring many great things for you and your family!! :) xo


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