Thursday, 20 December 2012

wrap it up

I'm going for colour this year. Between our reindeer wrapping paper, edible baskets and peppermint candy/tissue paper combo above, everything heading out of Chateau P resident hands will be merry and BRIGHT, indeed. Of course there will be loud bursts of washi too. I'm going all 90's and bringing raffia back. And I just bought some beautifully soft electric blue TINSEL to make little wreaths for the top of gifts. And I hate tinsel. What is wrong with me?! Just to keep the colour overload in check, I do have a roll of brown paper to tone down the odd parcel here and there so the recipient won't need to put on their sunnies to open it. I expect I will use this rather sparingly though. I'm looking forward to some lazy evening hours of wrapping this weekend, in front of Christmas movies, of course.

So what's your style this year? Merry and bright? Or sophisticated and subdued?


  1. I love the bright! all the little details on each gift are gorgeous. Not sure what I'm doing this year, I always leave everything to the last minute, but I'm sure it will involve brown paper - it always does! xo

  2. These are amazing - So nice to see some bright colour a Christmas. Absolutely love the candy wrapping paper :) x

  3. I looove raffia so much, I think I used to suck on it when I was a kid at Christmas, probably not so healthy...

  4. I usually attempt sophisticated and subdued but this year I'm letting it all hang out with lound pops of colour all over my house and on our gift.

    love it lovely



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