Tuesday, 16 October 2012

weekend love

:: In our little world, weekends start on Fridays. It's our only free day of the week and last Friday was one of the best I have had in a long while. More on that later.
:: Finally started a baby shower gift that should have been almost finished by now. Nothing like the pressure of a deadline. Throw a few sick, clingy, night waking kids into the mix, interrupting my evening crafting and the deadline pressure has risen considerably.
:: Saturday, we solved our couch iss-yews. Hoo-bloody-ray!! Big kisses for Jody, for sending me to Plush! Now I just have to wait till January to sit on it. Boo.
:: Eliot's bed had it's final coat of paint.
:: Nostalgia took over Sunday morning when I made his cot for the very. last. time. EVER.
:: Cleaned Olivia's tank. Again. She has been swimming around in toxic water after following the feeding instructions on the fish food jar. Yep. Feed your fish a small amount, three times a day you say Aqua One? Well I don't believe you. Now Olivia gets fed ONE FLAKE PER DAY as per the pet store's advice. And lucky me gets to clean and empty 30% of the water every two days until the tank water is back to NON-toxic. She's nearing more work in the first three weeks of her entry into this family than the kids did.
:: Painted the top of Eliot's play table. New room, he needed a new colour.
:: Cot was dismantled.
:: Big boy bed was constructed.
:: Eliot seemed rather non-plussed by it all.
:: He slept beautifully. Didn't get out. Didn't fall out. Success.

Hope your weekend didn't involve cleaning fish tanks.


  1. Aww Tahnee, Eliots bed is absolutely wonderful. You really know how to make your childrens rooms burst with personality and love, make that your whole house! I love those cushions, and again it makes me think of getting a sewing machine, and finish decorating our house!
    Poor Olivia :(, ok, poor you!
    I hope the kids are ok. Mine were so tired come Sunday after having visitors on Saturday too. We absolutely loved Friday as well.
    Your photo's are so, so amazing, and so inspiring. Ruby has just gone through them three times talking about you all.
    xxxxx (one each)

  2. wow what wondeful photos to capture your weekend! the move from cot to big boy bed is always a thrill of mixed emotions! he seemed to transition with ease - beauitful queen anne bed too!

  3. Aww Tahnee, looks like you had a fab weekend. Your babies are soo beautiful and I love the blankets draped over the cot.

    I love you photos too. I just wrote this on Milina's blog. I am going to the Nursery in Jan and I hope I can lean to take photos's like the the two of you. I am actually a little nervous. x

  4. I love these little snaps of your life... and big boy bed?! Ah, my heart! :D

  5. apologies to olivia, but goldfish suck balls. they are the dirtiest of fish and seem to poo waaaaay more than they eat. ruby's two died. not from lack of a clean tank as i was cleaning it weekly, sometimes more! we are getting new, teeny tiny fish that aren't goldfish.
    anywaaaay, gah, the big boy bed! and boo to no more cot! i've been very slack on the blogging side of late, but i always try and check in here for a visit! almost makes me feel like i am actually visiting you and that beautiful family. xo

  6. oh my.

    i have said it before, but will say it again. Your weekend photos are my favourite.

    That bed linen! You have such an eye for textiles. Can I ask about the cushion (red) and the white one with writing, and the red and white spots? Can you tell I have a thing for bedlinen?

    Yay for not falling out x

  7. weekends at your house always look so much fun. I just love the happy family homely vibe I get from your photos.They always just make me feel good! xx


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