Sunday, 21 October 2012


Apologies for my disappearing act. Last week was long. Loooooong. Three sick children, double ear infections, throat infection, two down with conjunctivitis, viral infections.. organising to disappear for two days, trying to finish a gift to give my sister for her baby shower was near impossible, technically I finished it the day I left, in the wee hours. I feel like I just blinked, saw the last two days in fast forward, and here I am, back home again, more tired than I left. I didn't think that was possible?!

Things need to move very slowly here this week, my poor smalls are fighting for their health, Cole in particular. Things may be quiet here again this week depending on how the kids recuperate, though I am very much looking forward to getting back into a gentle rhythm after an overflowing calendar and task list, last week.

Despite the exhaustion the last week and quick trip away has brought, I really had the most wonderful time celebrating my little sister's beautiful bump. You know there will be a photo flood to share soon.


  1. What a fantastic photo, love it! So sorry to hear everyone has been poorly, Tahnee. Makes life that much more difficult when there is sickness in it. Hope your little ones recover fully this week and you have a more relaxed time of it. Look forward to the photo flood xo

  2. Oh I feel your pain, hopefully everyone starts feeling better soon! Always anxiously awaiting your updates ;)

  3. Love that photo!!
    Take it easy this week, and I hope you are all back to full health soon. Goodness, I'm feeling for you all.
    Looking forward to hearing how everything went, in your own time.
    Take care hon xo

  4. Bless you Tahnee for being such the sweet Mumma and sister that you are. Having sick kiddos is NEVER fun. I hope that they recover soon and you get 5 minutes to catch your breath.

    If that photo is anything to go by, WOW. Not that I expected anything less.

    Go gently x

  5. I absolutely adore that photo Tahnee. I hope your babies are feeling better soon.


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