Monday, 2 July 2012

weekend love

Very little happened around here over the weekend. Clearly, judging by my awesome photos. Ahem. I went into holiday mode Thursday afternoon after I dropped Ruby at kindy, knowing hubby would be collecting her. My duties for the term were complete. Thankyou God!

Eliot is trying to cut some teeth, throw in a head cold and he had a few restless nights during the week, coupled with early mornings. I was pretty buggered, so we planned to do nothing. We hung around home, watched tele, did lots of lego, rearranged the front lounge room. I spent all of Sunday morning sleeping. It was hubby's turn to get up, I just couldn't keep my eyes open. Next thing I knew he was whispering it's 11.30. What the?! I never sleep like that. Obviously my body needed it.

Our first official day of school holidays was far more exciting. We were up early and headed out of town to have a birthday morning tea with some family, and lunch with good friends and their babes. What a lovely day. Cake, tea and chit chat. Just what the doctor ordered. I was too busy having a lovely time to even think about pulling my camera out. Kids played happily, mamas chatted, laughter was had. 3pm car sleeps were also had, which I had anticipated after such a busy day. Which, in turn, meant a lazy evening, not watching the clock, because I knew they weren't going to bed at any time remotely close to when they should have been. And it's the holidays. The Lion King chewed up some time, and quiet play in their rooms took care of the rest before they finally fell into bed. And now it's my turn.

Looking forward to more, both lazy and productive days in the coming holiday weeks. I hope you are too.

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  1. we love the holidays in our house. i hope you enjoy yours too. it sounds like that sleep in was just what you needed. xo

  2. Holidays are always fun- and so is doing a bunch of nothing! That popcorn looks delish, by the way! ;)

  3. Woah! That rearranging of the front room looks like it took a bit of energy! Milas been the same for the past week, teething, cold, stuck to my hip or crying. I'm enjoying these hols too. I even managed to watch a movie for myself yesterday - caught Enid on TV.
    Good on you for sleeping that long!
    I hope you get a better sleep tonight xx

  4. We had a fantastic time too on Monday and it was LONG overdue. Lets not leave it so long this time! Thank you for making the trek out to Berwick, we will head your way next time xxxx. Your babes are beautiful.

  5. Hi! I just found your blog and I'm so happy I did! It's so cute! I love your pictures!


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