Saturday, 30 June 2012

52 weeks of grateful :: quintet

I think Bron is a pretty special woman. Of course I've never met her. I don't need to, to know she's special. Some people just exude that quality, and she is one of them. You don't need to be in the same room as them to feel it. When I first joined in with the grateful linky when I was a blogging baby (I'm totally a toddler now), Bron welcomed me with open arms. She stops by for a visit regularly and her comments are always so thoughtful, insightful, honest, giving. There is so much wisdom and honesty in her words, I believe that's why she makes such a strong connection with her audience.

I have been a little absent in my gratefulness of late. So this week, I'm making up for a bit of what's been lacking.

Hubby's flexible hours :: While sometimes his work hours suck arse, sometimes they are terrific. This week was a quiet one for him so he was able to leave later in the mornings, always making beds, putting a load of washing on and waiting to hang it out, washing the breakfast dishes, taking Ruby to dancing, taking the car in to be serviced, home early Friday afternoon for early dinner. Bliss.

Saying yes :: I said yes more this week. And it felt good.

End of term :: This term felt really long. I think it was a combination of the weather turning dark and so many germs coming in the door. Trying to keep everyone happy and healthy when I was far from it myself. I can honestly say that I don't feel like I have ever really struggled with the responsibilities of being a mother. Until this term. So I'm bloody glad it's over.

Holiday horizon :: I've decided to be lovely and greedy these holidays. We'll spend the school holidays at home, having some day trips out and about, joining in with some birthday celebrations, catching up with old friends and finally meeting new ones, and then we'll have a grand total of two routine days back into the new term before we pack our bags, airport bound, headed for a fortnight of sea air and sunshine. Completely overdue. Completely necessary.

Maxabella :: For making me stop and take the time to be grateful for the things that make my life wonderful. Some weeks I'm even grateful for the shitty things. Because they make all the awesome things, just that. I think your little grateful space has impacted people's lives more than you realise. Some weeks it's like being given a little gift, to wipe the fog of the week away, to start afresh, to give us the kick in the pants we need, to remember what's important, to feel sorry for ourselves, to feel glad for ourselves, to feel ~ grateful.

Happy Anniversary Bron! Cake?

*Linking up for Bron's two year grateful anniversary over at Kidspot Village Voices}
**Photos by Tim


  1. Love Brons space and awesome vibe she sends out in the blogsphere.. I havent done the week of gratefulness *yet* but I love it. Happy holidays! Hope you have the best time :) Saying yes more.. thats pretty awesome.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend! x

  2. I'm so happy to hear that there is an upside to Paul's long work hours of recent times. It must have been wonderful for you all to have him around a bit more this week. I hope this continues for a bit.
    I'm so glad this term is over. I can't believe how much it has taken out of Ruby. She is so tired. Sleeping 13+ hours at night most nights, which is unheard of for her. We will be doing the same over these holidays. Taking it easy! We are so looking forward to meeting you all!
    I'm so happy that youre getting in some sun and fresh air too. I agree - Completely necessary!!
    Happy Weekend my friend xo

  3. Wah! You've brought tears to my eyes with your kind words, Tahnee. I am honestly speechless (which is foreign territory for me!!).

    Thank you.

    Oh, thank you.


  4. I'm with you - the longest term ever! And nodding in agreement at your thought on Maxabella and the grateful linky! Yay to your holiday! Bliss! Enjoy x


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