Tuesday, 3 July 2012

somebody call the doctor

Last night I had a really rubbish sleep. Eliot woke all night half crying, half sobbing. Somewhere around 1am I gave up and brought him into bed with us. He continued, but with a little tummy or back rub every hour or so when he woke, he was back to sleep again fairly quickly. Each hour in between, while I was asleep, I had a lovely dream. The kind that picks up where it left off, each time you go back to sleep. This delicious specimen of a man was the lead.

I gotta say, I don't normally dream the hollywood hottie dream. My dreams seem to be more real life stuff. Yep, pretty boring. So I'm curious. Who's your blockbuster hottie dream lead?

He wasn't clad in his scrubs get up. Not sure if he was Jackson or Jesse. Who the freakin hell cares. You can visit me in dreamland any time you please, Mr Williams.

*image source 1 and 3
** image source 2


  1. Bahahaha!!
    I love this Tahnee!
    I wouldn't call my guy Holywood but it's Ben Rafter.
    Yes from Packed to the Rafters.
    Always. Hugh Sheridan. ALWAYS!
    Funny that!

  2. Tahnee! Phew!! Shame you didn't have thd bed to just you and Paul ;)
    It's been so long since I had a dream like that I can't even tell you! Oh yes I can - Clive Owen
    Sweet Dreams!

  3. Who the hell cares indeed? He can be anyone he likes! Mmm, nice dream Tahnee. You're going to laugh at my blockbuster hottie dream lead. You ready? None other than plastic surgeon Mark Sloan (before he lost all that weight though, cos now he looks too gaunt to be my hottie). If not Mark, maybe a little Hugh Jackman, a touch of Ed Burns, and always always young Patrick Swayze...

  4. ha ha hilarious!! Sometimes the shortest posts are the best posts!

  5. hi tahnee. i scrolled through this post yesterday when walking through the hunter valley gardens with the kids (as you do). it sure put a smile on my face. thanks for your lovely comment. i was going to reply over on the blog but wasn't sure if you would get a chance to read it...so here i am. i have a canon eos 5d with a range of lenses. i tend to always grab the ef 85mm one though. i am not trained in photography apart from a brief stint when i was studying graphic design and visual arts at newcastle uni. i just love to take photos. it's nice being able to have a visual record of the kids and what we get up to. the editing part while i try to keep it to a minimum can also be fun when i have time. hope this helps and again thanks a bunch for your kind words. xo

  6. Oh this made me laugh Tahnee. I rarely have any dreams involving 'true' hotties, rather inappropriate leads, like people I used to work with, never good. I wouldn't mind a bit of Don Draper (aka Jon Hamm) dream action though.
    You poor thing, hope you're getting better sleep now, my little one is similar... loves to be patted back to sleep, but wakes crying every half hour or so, when he's not well. It's tiring xo


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