Monday, 16 April 2012

weekend love

{Ruby's first go at a game on the computer. Pretty much the only games I will allow on the computer. The creative, learning kind.} 

Not the best of weekends. I already told you hubby was away working for half of it and Sunday was spent either in bed or on the couch with what I think was a migraine that began faintly on Saturday. I think I still have it in the giddy/vomit feeling kind of way. Awesome. The drugs finally started working to ease my poor head somewhere around 8pm last night, just in time to whip up a library bag for Ruby. Of course I had two whole weeks of holidays to make one. I much prefer leaving things to the eleventh hour. Ahem. The Logies kept me company. Usually, I only watch the red carpet to see who's got it and who hasn't. Asher Keddie has it. every. single. time.

Back to kindy today which was less painful than I was expecting (for me, not Ruby). Back to routine. She skipped off with her new library bag for her first proper ride in dad's new ute. Oh the excitement. By all accounts {aside from the giddy/vomity thing} it was an awesome day, because the special postie came. Oh yes he did.

And before you ask. Yes, I was indeed sewing hair. There is a first for everything.

{Linking up with the beautiful Lou for Point + Shoot. FYI Sonia is taking a little break from her Wonderful Weekends linky.}


  1. Oh no headaches that make you sick are no fun at all I hope you are feeling better today. Gorgeous photos Tahnee. I might be popping around to get pointers from a fellow Nikon user;)

  2. Play School art maker?! Looks awesome. Think I might be getting that one. Kellie xx

  3. Oh I just love your photos Tahnee, you have such a beautiful eye for capturing lovely moments. No good about your dizzy sickie bug, they're just awful. Sounds like you were quite productive despite the bug though xo

  4. hope you are feeling better? I suffer from migraines too and they are the pits. My body response to pain is vomiting as well, and often find that I am giddy/dizzy/vomiting until it passes. Hope you had some strong drugs to take. Panadol is absolutely useless in those situations!

    aside note: i find that a damp facewasher with some white vinegar poured on it, and then draped across my forehead seems to help my migraines. I know?!?? weird, but its the smell of the vinegar on my temples or something? that seems to help. Its a faily remedy.. my mum, brother and I all suffer the migraines. Here's hoping you never need to try this! x

    1. * family not 'faily' x


  5. Oh yes, I did ask, is she sewing hair?? Intrigued!
    Ruby look so sweet singing, and those curls, they just get cuter and cuter!
    Speaking of Asher, nobody had better try to contact me at 8:30 tonight - Nobody!

  6. Beautiful photos, so many gorgeous shots. I love the foamy cup and the pizza face x


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