Wednesday, 18 April 2012

{snap it} :: sweet

Sometimes, a savoury lunch just doesn't cut it.
Sometimes, sweet is the only way to go.

Head over to Sarah's to see some more sweet snaps. In more ways than one.


  1. Yes! I'd forgotten about the humble banana sandwich...guess what we are having tomorrow!

  2. Oh yes please. I do love a banana sandwich sprinkled with raw sugar. Your's looks delicious. x

  3. Oh WOW! I love this series of images. And what a fab looking sweet lunch. I used to have banana sandwiches all the time as a kid, but never tried the cinnamon sugar and honey thing... that is just beautifully decadent! xo

  4. Sweet definitely wins out when it's banana sandwiches :)

  5. yum! that reminds me - my mum used to make me 'nana and tana' sandwiches which were banana sultana (ew?).
    Thank you so much for your lovely comments re: introducing solids, I was unnecessarily angsty about it all and now I feel much better.

  6. we have peanut butter & banana here! yours may like that combo with the peanut butter love happening! they look beautiful xx

    1. I would normally do pb too but we ran out yesterday! this was my lunch, the kids haven't quite grasped the idea of putting fruit inside a sandwich.. x

  7. Oh yum ... do you think it is wrong that this is what I want to eat for breakfast - nah, didn't think so!

  8. I have never made banana sangas for my kids, i think i need too!! x

  9. Ever since I read this post on Wednesday, I have been craving, almost dreaming of, bannana sandwiches ! I think I might have to indulge on the weekend.
    Great post !

  10. In like the way you think :) Great photos!


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