Saturday, 14 April 2012

this + that

{just checking they're clean enough}

:: Thankyou for all your heartwarming comments about that post. I was hesitant to write it, to share too much. But the response was overwhelming and something I did not expect. I have been assured it was done with just enough grace and humour, so thankyou again.
:: Remember how clueless I was? Well, not anymore. Who knew that add button in your blogger reading list was so efficient? Apparently quite a few people.. thanks Lou!
:: I am still waiting for this. And going a little crazy with all Kelle's promotional outings plastered everywhere and countless people jamming my IG feed with pics of themselves reading the book. I am thinking I should have just ordered from Fishpond instead of Amazon. Usually they are so speedy. Apparently it should be here within the week..
:: Seeing as I am obsessed with all things Kelle at the moment, I think I need one of these. Especially since as I am eyeing off another lens.
:: And if you haven't read this, you should. I read it again (and cried again) the other night following a link from one of Lou's posts. Hey, it's the Kelle & Lou Show!
:: I am so tired. Hubby was away for work last night and I didn't go to bed until the wee hours of this morning. After {oddly} unsettled children, sleepwalking, I decided to catch up on this somewhere around midnight. What an episode! And for me, quite hard to watch, as I have worn the shoes of an intervener. But Dr Benjamin is totally worth staying up that late for.
:: The countdown is on for the big day. Less than two weeks to go. The bride-to-be visited again today for another hair trial. I will be playing hairdresser and bridesmaid for the big occasion. No pressure. Pressure aside, I am so excited, I cannot wait to see it all come together. And also to see my biggest boy trot down the aisle in the coolest pageboy get up you ever will see.
:: The kids and I have spent the last two days in our pj's. Actually, I did dress Eliot today. And before you call social services, we were all bathed/showered and back in clean jarmies for bed again. Just making the most of the last of the holidays. Boo hoo.
:: I have spent a lot of time this week doing not much at all. Just trying to spend as much time as I could with the kids, uninterrupted. It's been wonderful.
:: This week I am reminded of how crappy it is to live so far away from your dearest friends. A beautiful friend of mine is hurting and I wish I could drive down her driveway, hug her over hot tea and wipe away her tears, anything to help ease her pain. Cyberhugs suck arse over the real deal.
:: I need to go and finish cleaning the kitchen seeing as my handsome maid isn't home. Then I think I am in need of a mini marathon. Who am I kidding? I doubt my eyes will stay open for one episode.

Night all x


  1. Hey! Thanks for all the shoutouts! I feel so spesh. Niiiiight...

  2. Oh I LOVE PJ days... the only problem is when they're interrupted by having to leave the house to go somewhere... don't like that very much. Love the pics of your little lady, she is so gorgeous and those ladybug jammies are the best! xo

  3. i've missed reading this space. *really* missed it. i need to do a little catch up.. and that girl, {sigh} she melts my heart. xxxx


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