Wednesday, 4 April 2012

{snap it} :: green

This is Katie and Jeremy. Lucy's handsome brother and his beautiful girlfriend.
This is a bit of a preview of the big Chen family shoot I did a few weeks ago.
Katie had the most gorgeous emerald green dress on.
She stands out in all the photos. Her smile makes it so too. Not just the dress.

Sarah has a gorgeous green snap this week. I think I need one. Seeing as green is my favourite colour after all.
If you haven't already, go and link up too. It's all kinds of fun.



  1. Stunning photos. I LOVE the green dress, it does stand out beautifully. I am a green fan also and snapped a couple of tasty vegies that just screamed green to me when I was making dinner today. Like how the ocean looks green in that first shot too xo

  2. Beautiful green dress. It certainly pops in the photo's.

  3. Loving that green dress!! you will have to get a qualy of your own! great photos. x


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