Wednesday, 4 April 2012

dumb {the sequel}

So it turns out I lied. If you're following me on Instagram, yesterday morning I eagerly and excitedly posted a photo with a caption stating I had a hot date with my blog last night, after Apple Nerd #11 came through with the goods to restore my deleted iPhoto library. Yes folks, you read it right. DELETED. We had a lovely reuniting rendezvous, some canapes and entree, but I had to split before mains. Turns out little people's vomit was my hot date. Not my poor, sad, neglected blog. Anyway, I'm here now.

I used to think if you could accidentally delete major files and applications from your hard drive, you must be a real dumbarse. I was right. But seriously? It was so freakin easy. I managed to scoop up my iPhoto library amongst a heap of random photos outside of the library, downloaded from my sister from eons ago. Like a good applewife, I cleaned and dusted and swept all the waste into the trash. And emptied it. I wondered why it took so long to delete just 425 items. One of them happened to be a 13,000+ image library. Though I can't be sure of the size anymore (maybe it was bigger?) because of the way it has been restored I have three copies of everything, in varying formats, including every photo ever loaded into my library. Even the ones I had previously deleted. Currently I have 109,333 images in my library. So I have a bit of sorting and deleting ahead of me to get things back in order. But it's all there. And I don't care about the amount of hours {days, weeks, months} it is going to take me to get there.

I was nearing the end of the many ways the apple gods restore deleted files. On three previous attempts we were able to recover three quarters of it with a heap of holes and missing images. Missing images of births, birthdays, weddings.. all the important stuff. If #11 was standing in front of me right now I would probably pash him until I had sucked all the air out of his body.

I won't bore you with any more of the details. When I woke yesterday morning on the couch with a sad, sore, tired little boy on my chest, and hubby told me he thought the eight hour restoration overnight had actually worked this time, I thought perhaps I was still dreaming. But I was awake. And it was true. And instantly I felt about 20 kilos lighter. It was going to be a great day. Turns out it was pretty rubbish with three already sick children morphing into three vomiting children {#2 vomiting over the kitchen table shortly after breakfast, #3 beginning just before bedtime, and #1 just before 2am}. But I was happy to clean up vomit. Because my precious photos were back. Every. single. one.


  1. we recently lost our entire iPhoto library. i turned the desk top on and everything was gone. i have tried to restore with no success. it is an awful feeling. i am trying not to think about it too much. happy to read you have yours back. hope the kids are better soon. xo.

  2. Oh Shit!! One of my biggest fears! So happy you've got them all back. Poor babies though, I hope you and Paul escape the gastro claws.
    You know I love the photos!!
    Perhaps a XXX disclaimer at the front of this post might be appropriate too :)
    Glad your back xxx

  3. I have meandered down your blog and I'm sorry but in your profile you said something about a mundane life . . . I don't think so. Your children are delightful, that birthday cake you baked is adorable and it looks like everyday is a magnificent journey. On top of that your photography is outstanding. I just got back from visiting my daughter and two granddaughters, ages 4 & 6. I sent my days with the girls while mommy went to work. I loved every minute of it, but each night I was dead to the world. That's why you have your babies when you're young and full of energy. I so enjoyed your charming family and feel honored to follow your journey. Your newest follower (a grandma from the states) Connie :) Please visit my blog, if you ever have the time. I would love to invite you to follow. If I could I'd say, come over, put our feet up and let me serve you tea and cookies.

  4. phew! what a nightmare, so glad all your precious photos are back! Good to see you back here, hope the kiddies feel better soon. xx

  5. Welcome back! And what a lovely set of photos to treat us with. Your family is just lovely. So pleased you managed to get everything fixed. Tech stuff is a nightmare when it goes wrong and I am so not that way inclined. Axx


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