Thursday, 5 April 2012

please explain


I don't claim to be a tech head. Computer nerd. Whatever you want to call it. Getting things to go where I want them when setting up my blog was not a walk in the park. Hell, things are still not where I want them. And there is of course, the evidence. Ahem.

Of course I have a Google account. I am a blogger after all. {It is still hard/weird to say that.} I want to talk about following. And subscribing. And I am going to be blunt because I just don't get it. I follow the blogs I like, love, enjoy. They show up in my Blogger reading list. I click the link to their site and read away.

But I have plenty of blogs that I like, love, enjoy, that don't use the popular join this site button. They want me to subscribe. In some RSS feed. That is ugly. And boring. Do you know the reason I want to follow your blog? Because I like looking at it, and reading it's content, in it's entirety. I do not like looking at your lovely photos smooshed up against one side of the screen in an empty shell of a page giving me no love, no warmth, no nothing. Too harsh? Meh.

And then there's the ones I have to subscribe to in Google Reader. Which I never use.

Please tell me I am missing something? Am I missing something? {really, be honest here. I won't be surprised if I am.}

Currently, the blogs that I can't follow through my Blogger feed, I just bookmark and check on them every few days, the way I used to before I created a Google account. Or subscribe my mail so I get an email letting me know you have written a new post. That way I don't mind because I can still go to your blog to read the post. At the end of the day, I want to read your blog, on your blog. Because you worked hard to make it beautiful. And attractive to the eye. So much so that I want to follow your story. Know you better. Not miss a thing.

So do tell, as a blogger, what makes you choose Blogger over Google Reader? Google Reader over email subscriptions? Email subscriptions over RSS feeds? Or nothing at all?

{This really is a ridiculous post. But I have wondered about it for a while. So there.}


  1. Hey Tahnee! I'm no tech head (like, really) but with the blogs that I like that don't use the google friend connect easy-to-follow button, I just add their addresses manually in my blogger dashboard reading list...

    At the top of your list of blogs that you read, there is a button that says 'add', simply copy and paste the address and they should pop up on your to-read list!

    Hope that makes some sort of sense!

  2. I'm with you on this. I used to be pretty tech savvy and quite inquisitive. Now if I have to even right click it's too bloody hard!
    I did figure it out, once. You can add blogs from google reader to your blogger reading list by clicking Add at the top of your list, and either importing or adding the URL. I've found that the easiest way. Or if they are with blogspot just clicking follow at the top of the page.
    I know, didn't help much, sorry :)

  3. I do the same as Lou - add the link in manually. I guess not all of the blogs have the follower button because some platforms don't allow it (ie Wordpress). Welcome back btw. xx

  4. I don't get a lot of this either, and every time I try and find out I get lost and just get bored. Do you know how I read blogs like yours? They appear on the RHS of my blog. I scroll down and click! A habit really. Sometimes, I go into Blogger and read them that way though. I do feel as though I'm missing something. A lot actually. But I figure we're still learning?


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