Friday, 6 April 2012

good good friday

{this moment} should be here. But it's a very special kind of Friday and I couldn't decide on just one moment that I wanted to pause, savour and remember. Easter has a different feel to Christmas for me, for religious and other reasons. And, like many, I really love this time of year. Above all, it just feels like a very unique time to connect with my family. There is so much hype that comes with Christmas, the celebration of the birth of Jesus, but less with Easter, the celebration of his death and resurrection. It feels simpler somehow. Perhaps it's the giving and receiving of chocolate eggs and bunnies that simplifies things.

In our family, the kids are too young to really understand what Easter is all about. We have not delved into deep discussion about religion yet, even though we are Catholic. Or perhaps I am just a little nervous at the amount of questions I am going to have to answer. If a four year old can ask 20 questions about the production of peanut butter, imagine the amount she can ask about the contents of the Bible. Of course there has been discussion about death and heaven and where people go after they die. And the explanation to tricky questions that some things are the way they are, because God made it that way, and that's just how it is. Lou wrote a lovely post about raising this discussion with her beautiful girls. And I think she has given me the nudge I needed to start the discussion with my babes.

We have had a lovely Good Friday. The kids had a wonderful surprise this morning when they woke to find nanna and pa in bed in the front lounge room! And surprisingly, they were okay with only seeing them for a few hours before they got in their hire car to drive 400km to country South Australia for my cousin's wedding tomorrow. We had a lovely morning tea egg hunt with our mothers' group which was as much fun for the parents as it was for the kids. At least until Cole managed to leave a poor kid bloodied and sore after walking in front of the swings at that perfectly imperfect moment. It should have been the other way around! Urgh, I felt sick while we waited for the bleeding to subside to see whether it was split mouth or teeth.. thank goodness it wasn't the cute little guy's teeth. The rest of our day was slow and relaxing. Hot cross buns and chocolate eggs, window washing and lawn mowing, backyard play and egg dying. And of course catching bits and pieces of the Good Friday Appeal.

There is plenty to be thoughtful about and thankful for. Between Eden and Beth this week, even more so. There is more in my head than there is effort to turn into a post. I never surprise myself by continually feeling in awe of these two wonderful women for their brutal honesty. No matter the topic. If we are able we should give. And if you prefer to keep things closer to home then you should give.

My parents will return in time for lunch on Sunday and I can't wait to go nowhere and do nothing. Except enjoy the wonderful company of my beautiful family. And eat these.

Talented Steph of the beautiful Raspberri Cupcakes is so ridiculously creative. As soon as I saw these I knew they would follow Easter Sunday lunch. Obviously if I don't show you any photos then you will know my attempt was not worthy of bloggy show and tell. And I probably shouldn't tell you that we will be following up this lunch dessert with dinner dessert. So I won't.

From my family to yours, wishing you a happy happy Easter x


  1. Happy Easter to you and your family too. And enjoy all those chocolate eggs :-)

  2. What beautiful snap shots of your Good Friday Tahnee. Sounds like you crammed many wonderful things into the day. Must have been so scary when the little guy was hit by the swing, one of my big fears in the park, they're such a dangerous contraption... but also such a fun one and the littlies can't seem to keep away!
    I also avoid discussing the religious significance of Easter with my four year old... you are right, 20 questions are standard on just about every topic. I'm really going to need to 'study up' on some of the bigger topics, just to be one step ahead of the questioning.
    Happy Easter! xo

  3. wish i was coming to dinner at your place, those desserts look amazing!! Happy Easter to you and your gorgeous family. xx

  4. Such lovely colourful photos of your Good Friday Tahnee. Have a wonderful weekend with your family. x

  5. I'm not ready to raise the religious aspect of Easter yet either. I did however, have a quick chat with Ruby about how we are lucky to have what we do have, and that some are not as fortunate. I do not like how Easter has become all about chocolate though, and really, the big wigs are laughing while we deal with hyped up children. I heard that 75% of total chocolate sales are at Easter time. That is absurd!
    Aw, poor wee kid, and Cole! I hope cuddles were able to repair any damage.
    I HAVE to try some of those cheesecake Eggs. Ridiculous!


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