Monday, 9 April 2012

{easter} weekend love

I have just had, quite possibly, the best Easter, ever. It was, most certainly, the most enjoyable I can remember. There was no rushing around to see family and friends, there was no double bookings in the one day. We spent Saturday with the in-laws and Sunday with my family. In our own home. Relaxed, comfortable, happy. We shared beautiful food, laughter and {of course} chocolate. We had an early rise, followed by an egg hunt, a morning movie, outside play, lovely seafood lunch and delectably rich dessert, egg and spoon racing using our dyed eggs {the race has been branded a new tradition}, lounged, laughed, chit chatted the impending nuptials, had a beautiful roast lamb dinner after the kids had gone to bed, followed by the most beautiful dessert I think I have ever made {the second new tradition to come out of the day ~ apparently I have to make these every Easter from hereon in!}. Late in the evening, once little sis and {almost} bro-in-law had headed home, and mum and dad had fallen into bed, hubby and I saw out Easter Sunday watching an awesome movie, and a hot cuppa. How lovely it was to sit together, quietly, hand in hand, at the end of a most magnificent day.

Today, I spent all day in my pj's, enjoying my parents' company before they headed home this afternoon, moved slowly, enjoyed back to back holiday coffees and another lazy movie with the kids, courtesy of Mr EB. It was early to bath and early to bed, a beautifully big weekend had by all.

I hope you had a truly wonderful Easter weekend too x

*It would appear I am quite the movie buff this weekend. I NEVER watch movies. Proof it was a most relaxing weekend, to manage three in two days!

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  1. I agree with you... this Easter has been so good for my little family too, although you beat us 3-2 on the movie score! ;) Those chocolate and cream eggs in the egg cups look absolutely fantastic. I expected nothing less than the best from you Tahnee. Gorgeous. :) Happy Easter xxxx

  2. And there are those gorgeous looking eggs to tease me again. You can see what a wonderful weekend you had through your photos Tahnee, they always make me smile. Your little guys stripy dressing gown also gave me a big smiile as it is the same one my youngest Flynn wears and they just look so adorable in it. happy Easter xxx

  3. Oh how I love the Easter images you have captured here Tahnee, you're a wonder behind the lens. So many beautiful memories to hold onto there. I also had the best Easter I can remember, every day was just perfect, in varied ways... but the common denominator being friends and family. Bliss! xo

  4. Happy Easter, Tahnee! I love your weekend round ups.

    Your boys' dressing gowns. Can I ask where you got them?

    That grasshopper pie turned out brilliantly!

    1. belated happy easter to you too! cole's dressing gown was from kmart - this season, so they should still have them, and eliot's is cole's old one, which was from best & less. clearly I only shop at designer stores... x

    2. thanks Tahnee.
      My kid-budget loves those stores too x

  5. The perfect Easter! Loved the Egg and Spoon race! x

  6. Seriously gorgeous photos, perfect Easter and perfect little people! I still can't believe you made all those amazing desserts! impressive! xx

  7. You look like you've had a really lovely Easter and I think an egg and spoon race is a great idea to have at Easter. Gorgeous photos of your family. :)

  8. Best Easter ever. Xxx
    Gorgeous pics.

  9. Gorgeous pics! The gorgeous gene runs strong in your family!
    Lovely post xxx

  10. seriously amazing pics. and wowzers, those desserts! no wonder the eggs need to be made at every easter!
    hope your easter was totally wonderful with all that family around xxx


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