Tuesday, 10 April 2012

best friends

They like routine, these kids of mine. And Cole is a stickler for the bedtime one. 95% of the time, I will put him to bed. From a baby he has always felt my neck when he is tired (or anyone who is nursing/sitting with him when he is tired). I guess it's a substitute for the dummy he never took, or absence of some kind of soother. I have always been the 'dummy' for my kids {no pun intended}. Either my cuddle or my milk.

When I tuck Cole in and kiss him all over his face, tell him I love him and ask him how much? He tells me all the way to the moon and back! I tell him again and he says I love you too mum. Then he puts his arm right around my neck to pull me closer {sort of like a loving headlock} and whispers we're best friends. With a smile. Every time with a smile on his face and a smile in his voice (which I can only imagine as a smile in his heart). And every night, it melts mine. Because one day he isn't going to say it anymore. But until that day, it's the best headlock I've ever been in.

{doing a final kid check before heading to bed, I found him like this..
sleeping on the pillow we put down the side of his mattress to stop his skinny little body getting wedged between the mattress and the wall!}


  1. Oh this is so beautiful Tahnee and I know what you mean, my Mr4 and I do the 'how much do I love you' game and it always melts my heart too. I don't like to think about a time when we won't do that anymore, makes me sad.
    Neither of my boys ever took to a dummy either... they've always preferred to be cuddled for comfort... and I don't mind that one bit.
    Gorgeous pics of your little man, he's so cute xo

  2. Oh my goodness, that is the sweetest thing ever!! He is such a beautiful little soul! xx

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  4. I somehow stumbled upon this post and it couldn't have been at a more perfect moment. I snuck in for an extra sleepy kiss and cuddle before my almost four little lady went off to sleep after a very trying early morning / day/ night. thank you for a lovely reminder of how important the little moments are x


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