Wednesday, 21 March 2012

{snap it} :: old

{I had a few ideas for this week's topic. But then I found these in the library and couldn't resist. Ahh the 80's. 
Yep that's me at the top, with my big bro, my dad and then siblings. Don't you just love our old wallpaper!}

Playing along with Sarah over at Faith Hope & a whole lotta Love.

Here's something I was going to use. This video was taken early 2010 so she was about two and three months.
I don't remember her voice sounding like this. Keep your eyes and ears open for the burp. How fast they grow up..


  1. gorgeous old photos... I remember seeing the one with you and your dad and thinking that Ruby looked so much like you then! Can't believe they are 4 going on 14 nowadays... xx

  2. Lovely photos. Our childhoods always look so happy. Why did we ever grow up? Ah, I remember: to mother cute kids :)

  3. Lovely photos and treasured memories. Please visit my blog as I've given you a little sunshine award. x

  4. Yall were cute kiddos. So thankful for cameras so we can capture memories. Even the old ones that we had to buy film for. Have a good night.

  5. Love these photos, I grew up in the 80's too, so these photos seem familiar to me!

  6. cuteness! love those photos. and oh my goodness, that girl could start up a one girl show! she's got a few songs already under her belt there, and i think she's probably got quite a few more now that she's another two years older!! i love her little twang in her words! x

  7. Oh I love these photos - it's making me feel so nostalgic!

  8. Oh my goodness, Ruby is adorable!! Love the old photo's too. You were as cute as your own wee buttons.

  9. oh, by the way, do you realise you have word veri for your comments?

    1. ummmmm nooooo!!!! I was sure I had turned that bastard thing off!! thanks for telling me x


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