Thursday, 22 March 2012

parallel lives

{I have to tell you the sunrise shots were not edited at all. The sky was amazing that morning.}

Milina and I are living parallel lives. We're sure of it. The only difference between us this week was that while her husband was in fantasy football land, mine was working. Would have been more fun if we were on the same couch. But then it would have been odd playing Draw Something right next to each other.

On top of the usual routine I have been playing dad too, not always successfully. When Ruby and Cole ask will we see dad before we go to bed tonight? I hate having to say no. Next week will run the same. Why do people always leave everything to the last week of term to get things done? And then handball all their stress and anxiety, and ridiculous schedules onto my husband? Grrr.

In amongst the pick ups and drop offs, commitments and routine, we have been trying to take things slowly. We are heading into a busy weekend and an even busier week. Hubby's birthday will be on Saturday and he's one of those ignore-it-I-don't-want-anything-special kind of people. BORING. Of course I always make a fuss. I never understand why people do that? And how did I end up marrying one? Love goggles, I'm sure. A birthday should be a celebration of another year of life, whether it was fabulous or crap. Balloons and cake all the way. So while there will of course be cake for my darling, we will be celebrating in style, elsewhere. Three year old style to be exact. Some dear friends of ours have just moved back home after two and half years in Sydney, and their little girl turned three this week. We will also be meeting her baby brother for the first time. Who is almost one.. ahem. I can't wait.

Next week I hope to share a whole lotta photos with you. I have been keeping Tim's shots all to myself. But I think I should share them with you. And then I will need to leave a few days' gap before I show you the fruits of a family shoot I did last weekend. Just so you forget how amazing Tim's are and still think mine are okay. And then there's this and this I need to attend to. I'm just, like, totes popular.

Thank goodness tomorrow is Friday. Our only free weekday. Exhale.


  1. haha, we could hear each other giggle as the drawings appeared, then disappeared, then appeared again! I love how much crafting you do. Is Riot a favourite store by any chance?
    I can't wait to see more of your shoot with Tim, and also to see how your work is coming along.
    Happy weekend to you and Happy Birthday to hubs xo

  2. I love Ruby's room. It is beautiful. I am sure she loves it too!
    I also love how much craft you do in your household. I bet it makes some fantastic displays and enriches their creative little minds.


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