Monday, 27 February 2012

weekend love

A fairly slow weekend in the dry Melbourne heat. Okay so we spent most of it inside, in the comfort of the air conditioner. I do try to be green. But I didn't pay three grand to stare at it on the wall. So she was a blowin. And we were comfortable. A Sunday morning trip into the city to Better Homes & Gardens LIVE became too uncomfortable (turns out there was no air con!) and it was a quicker family outing than anticipated, still enjoyable all the same. And now it's Monday again. Again. It really does come back too fast.

I hope the Melbournians among us survived the heat, and you all had a lovely weekend. x

{I think I'm going to start linking my weekend love posts up with the very talented Lou of Sunny + Scout, for Point + Shoot. Now that I have figured out where her personal blog is. Ahem. I had been looking at her photography site all this time. Yep. What a loser.}


  1. Gorgeous pics. You can't beat playing in the pool and on the slip n slide in your backyard on a hot day xx

  2. Slip n Slide! We had one as a kid. It's gotta be the quintessential Aussie Summer item. Along with the Soda Stream! Everything's comin back.

    I adore that yarn bombing you found. It looks brilliant. x

  3. Love these snaps - summer fun in photos. Your photos all have a fantastic perspective - they're lovely. I wondered if the BH&G show would have aircon.. must have been sticky in there!

  4. Your weekend looks like it was a busy one!! Such a shame the show didn't have aircon, whats with that? Gorgeous photos as always, i love the photo of the tomato bush on the footpath!? x

  5. what a great weekend!! yes it was hot in Melbs but now look at it.....! would really love a month of consistent sunny days 25 degrees & blue skies just like the old days!! great photos. x

  6. Excellent pics Tahnee! Yes, it was hot! We went out for Thai on Saturday night and as we walked out of the restaurant it felt like we were in Thailand. Now I'm in a cardi. I will never get this Victorian weather!


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