Monday, 27 February 2012

52 weeks of grateful :: watching

Who knew kids grew so freakin fast? You really have no idea until you have your own. Like plenty of kid stuff, huh.

I wish I had the time/remembered/could be bothered writing down some of the things these two say. The crazy conversations they have. The little imaginative play scenarios they act out. Gold. Pure gold. They are both chatters. Miss Four non stop. Mum commented about it last time she was here. She could talk from the time she gets up to the time she goes to sleep, no problem. She must know everything. Why it works, how it came about, what's happening next. Sometimes she doesn't even need to stop talking to eat. While she can direct Mr Two don't speak with your mouth full, it's bad manners, sometimes she can't quite manage it herself. Just too many important things to say. Thankfully Mr Two does have his quiet spells throughout the day. Hard to steal the spotlight really. But the chats we have when she is at kindy, oh what a delight. Sometimes it will be hours before he realises she isn't there. He asks 'mu-um, where's Wuby?'. Even though he kissed her goodbye and waved out the window. I love that.

People often comment on how well he speaks for a two year old. We should really call him Mr Nearly Three because his birthday is coming up in May. We had the little guy's one year old check up at the maternal health nurse last week and she asked me three times how old he was. Like I was lying the first two times when I said TWO AND A HALF. She was a fill in, not our usual nurse. I didn't quite warm to her. I struggle with the ones that treat you like a first timer when you've been around the block three times. Anyway.. he has very good speech and vocabulary for a two and a half year old. Of course, he has such a great teacher. Who never stops teaching. And being the second child, and a parrot, and copying everything his big sister does, he is good at talking.

Since he turned two his personality practically exploded. He realised he had a voice and he was ready to use it. On the whole, these two play really well together. Of course they have their days when all they seem to want to do is wind the other up, or scream till they're blue in the face to play with the same toy. Because there aren't baskets and baskets of other toys all over the house. No. I have been trying to take a step back lately, and let them sort things out for themselves when they start arguing. Sometimes I have to step in, especially if they are tired. More often than not lately though, they have been playing really well together. And often without my attention. Sometimes they want me to watch them, like they need my approval they are playing nicely together. The Small joins in when he feels like it and it's beautiful to watch them all together. But he can join the party and leave, all very quietly, while the other two carry on.

I spent a lot of time last week, just watching. Watching them together, pretending to be busy in the kitchen. Sneaking a glimpse in their bedrooms while they danced around to Juicy Juicy Green Grass, or played shops, parked the cars in the garage, played doctors, had babies (yes, they stick the babies up their shirts and then squeeze the baby out) or roared dinosaurs at one another. My heart explodes watching them. Sometimes a sneaky tear will make it's way out. Sometimes I feel like I watch them too often through the eyepiece, and not enough through my own eyes. But I can't help myself. I want to remember these moments when I am old and wrinkly, with no memory. The clicking is a way of watching. And remembering. Remembering the joy, the exuberance, the innocence, that is them, right now, right this moment.

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  1. Snap! I thought you were writing about my kids - except my biggest is a boy! A non stop chatterbox of a little four year old. My youngest was two at the end of September so a bit younger than yours but we have greats chats on Tuesday when his big brother is at kindy and he is at home. Car trips are filled with 'my turn to talk' from both boys!

    Lovely photos Tahnee - great doorway you found there!

  2. You could not get more adorable photos, Tahnee. I think I'm in love.

    My husband was all teary last night because Max was so big in his bed. He is a giant seven year old and we were misting up over the fact that it seems like yesterday when he would fit in the crook of our arm. Sigh... SIGH. x

  3. Your house and your children sound so much like mine. I love those sneaky moments when you spy on them while their playing camping, or holidays or shopping. I feel those tears too, the burning of the eyes.
    I love the photo's too. Your children are seriously adorable. Love the second to last one of Ruby!

  4. Don't you love the fact that you made all these beautiful little people and they have incredible relationships with each other, separate from you? I love watching my girls' friendships with each other grow and flourish as they get older.

    I've sent you the Liebster Blog award today. Ra ra ra!

  5. Gorgeous photos, and yup, sneaky watching them play is the best. You get to really 'see' them. *sigh* Hooray for days when they get along beautifully!


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