Saturday, 25 February 2012

free tickets?

Earlier this week, the lovely {and heavily pregnant} Anna of Hey Bubbles passed two free tickets my way, to Better Homes & Gardens LIVE which is on in Melbourne this weekend. It will be a family day out for us tomorrow which I am quite looking forward to. I am sure there will be air con. There better be.

Anna had a couple of tickets left over which she kindly sent me late last night. If you live in Melbourne and feel like a morning/afternoon/whole day out tomorrow, I would love to send them your way. Leave a comment including your email address, first in best dressed. They are e-tickets, so you will need to have access to a printer to print your tickets to take with you for entry.

Thanks Anna! Looking forward to hearing the wonderful news when Matilda and Polly's baby sister is ready to arrive into the world x


  1. I would have loved to have gone, but kiddies are so tired from the heat and late night tonight I think it would be too much for them, so quiet day for us tomorrow. Have fun! x
    {ps. are you on twitter love?}

    1. I thought about emailing you earlier today to see if you wanted them, but it was quite late notice when Anna emailed me last night, I know lots of people plan their weekends in advance. totally understand about the heat, we had swimming lesson this morning and camped inside in the air con for the rest of the day, looking forward to that cool change tomorrow night. and nope, not on twitter, I have enough trouble keeping up with facebook..! ha x

  2. I think we need too catch up one of these days.. surely we don't live that far from each other ;) x


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