Tuesday, 14 February 2012


A big, tight, virtual hug to my lovely peeps for your love, praise and warm wishes following yesterday's post. Today was a better day, a lovely slow, home day. That's what we're aiming for this week at Chateau P ~ slow.

The beautifully effervescent Anna over at Green Tea & Toast sent a little award my way last week ~ thanks Anna! No, there's no pointy, glass, dust-collecting trophy involved. Lovely to know I am not writing to myself, some happy souls out there are reading with me. And I have to give a big shout out to the beautiful Jody of Lemon Rhodes, for this lovely plug, which is how Anna found her way to my little space in the first place. Thanks pretty lady {xx}. If Anna hadn't passed an award to you already, you would definitely be on my list.

So, Liebster is a German word meaning dearest, and the award is given to up-and-coming bloggers with less than 200 followers. Awesome ~ I have waaaaaaaay less than that. The award is designed to drive more traffic toward these bloggers. More traffic? Yes please. I think Anna is going to leave us blogging babies in her wake ~ she's been live for just on a month and already has 40+ followers and her comments are out of control.

For the lucky ladies listed below, who I am passing this award to, here's what you need to do ~

:: thank the award presenter and link back to the blogger who gave it to you;
:: copy and paste the award on your blog;
:: reveal your top five picks for the Leibster Blog Award of 200 followers or less who you feel deserve to be noticed; and
:: let them know by leaving a comment on their blog.

Easy as pie. So here are my top picks.. {drum roll please}

:: lovely Lauren of Sunshine & Green Tea
:: curvaceous Kesh of Our House This Hill
:: marvellous Melissa of {life is} A Great Balancing Act
:: gorgeous Germaine of Chibi Run
:: arty Amelia of Mama Muesli bar
:: mama Milina of Little Red Vikings

Okay, so I can't count. Who cares. I'm just sharing the love. Now let's have some cake to celebrate.

{Yes I am aware I use the word lovely a lot. It's my favourite. Because it's, well, lovely.}


  1. Thanks for the love, lovely lady! {I love that word too!} I hope your having a better day today. Hugs my friend. xx

  2. I love your blog Tahnee and look forward to reading it each day. You make me feel normal with the trials and tribulations of Chateau P as our very small little family is often going through similar things! I think you are a fabulous mum and you inspire me. Keep on blogging away as there might be few of us, but we are all smitten with your story (and of course with all the little "P"s!! xx

    1. thanks donna! the blogging community is lovely for making you feel like you are very *normal* and we are all facing very similar challenges in our day to day as parents. thankyou for your beautiful words x

  3. Congratulations!! And thank you!
    By the way, you are such a tease with all of your cake pics. I'm gonna have to get baking!
    I hope number 2 is earlier to bed tonight. I've just found mine tucked up beside his older sister. As long as he's asleep, I don't care where! xx

  4. Clapity clap and congrats! Well deserved too - thoroughly enjoying your blog so far. And thanks for the lovely mention. And yes - I too am a big fan of lovely. And cute. Actually, Ollie continually comes out with how 'amaaaazing' or 'brillliant' things are so they must also be vocab front-runners!

  5. Oh, thank you! I'm another 'lovely' fan. I try not to overuse it but I find it sneaking into sentences along with random ! and ...

    I love your blog Tahnee, thanks for thinking of me for the award!

    xx Melissa

  6. Aww... thanks heaps for this award and for teaching me a new, sexy German word. Liebster. Liebster. Oh hell. Nothing worse than an Asian trying to say a German word. Don't even know if I'm saying right. But lovely, lovely award, my lovely. ;) Thank you! I do so love how you've introduced me to so many fantastic blogs by other girls in such a short period of time, which I probably wouldn't have found on my own in ten thousand years. The photos of the chateau P and Tim's work come a close second (not!)

    Are you having a little cake for E? Looking forward to pics of a crazy dump truck or humpty version 3.0 soon... :) Hope you've had a wonderful peaceful week so far. xx

    1. arggh I just typed a lengthy reply and it disappeared.....!!
      you are most welcome, you deserve it, you are a natural writer - I miss your daily posts from last month, but understand you are a busy mama. and yes, this little (or big!) blogging community sure is wonderful.
      we had the usual two birthday cakes for eliot, one for his party and one for his birthday yesterday. sad for him, I think I lost my cake mojo this time round.... like he cared, he ate them anyway!! now I will have to make super fabulous ones for his second birthday. so not even thinking about that.......!!!!! and yes, our week has been lovely and slow, and a very slow weekend in store - only swimming lessons tomorrow morning and THAT.IS.IT!!! xx

  7. I am a reasonably new reader of your blog Tahnee, but I absolutely love reading it!
    I love your writing, your photos and the wonderful way you manage your busy little family. Lovely ladies like you inspire me to dip my toe into the blogging pool.

    1. go and dip! it's great fun, a lovely release for me, I have thoroughly enjoyed it all since starting late last year. and thankyou for your kind words, I love to hear I am able to put a smile on a face here and there. glad you found me and hope you stick around! x


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