Wednesday, 15 February 2012

{snap it} :: yum

{nearly 48 hours old}

On the eve of my baby boy's first birthday, I'm going with a different kind of yum
The yumminess of a newborn. 
He was ten days old here. So tiny. {Tear}

Make sure you head over to Sarah's to enjoy some more yumminess.


  1. Holy moley newborns are just the best! Happy birthday to your little man. x

  2. Beautiful beautiful newborn goodness! It's *almost* enough to make me clucky! xx

  3. yum yum yum. newborn goodness. can't believe he is one tomorrow! it has gone so quick - i'm sure i don't need to remind you of it. xxx

  4. Oh Stop IT!! He is too much for words. Don't you just want to turn back the clock, just for a few moments to snuggle again. Makes me feel sad. With my second two I have gotten pregnant around the previous ones first birthday. Mila's one at the end of March and although we are done (Dr's have been visited!) I can feel my uterus pining!
    Enjoy tomorrow xo

  5. Gorgeous shots. Love those little feet!

  6. Oh.. I so love the freshness and the smell of a newborn...tear, they don't stay that way for long and I still remember you telling us this time last year that he was out. :) Happy birthday Cole! xo

  7. awww look at him!! so yummi. Thank you for playing along x


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