Monday, 13 February 2012

weekend love

Wow, it's been a while since I did a weekend love post. Not intentional at all. I like to wrap up the week on a Sunday {or Monday} night with a love post. Emotionally, I am not really up for blogging tonight, but perhaps I need some normal tonight, after a very irregular week. Irregular in the sense of wonderful to the extreme, right through to downright heartbreaking.

:: My family flew in to help celebrate a very special birthday party;
:: Tim came and created some magic, that I will forever treasure and be grateful for (thankyou Tim);
:: we celebrated our beautiful baby boy's impending first birthday (this Thursday);
:: caught up with some dear, dear friends with champagne and laughs, and it was good, so good;
:: we celebrated again for my almost-bro-in-law's impending birthday (today ~ happy birthday Carlos! xx);
:: woke Sunday morning to realise I forgot to put myself first on the one day I planned to, had to, needed to;
:: gave myself a hell of a headache from the tears that followed said realisation, together with crossing the finish line of a crazy, hellish week;
:: enjoyed a day with my boys, big and little, while my girl had a day with her nanna and pa;
:: enjoyed said day by taking both {badly needed} daytime naps ~ morning nap with the Small, and afternoon with Small and Middle {bliss};
:: was given disrespectful, hurtful parenting advice by someone close to me, who has no children;
:: had to say goodbye to my family again today when they flew home, two states away.

I'm exhausted. Which could mean one of two things. I will be here a lot this week, emptying my head, or I might just be calling in to say hi briefly, and spending some time with my couch and idiot box, or the sandman.

Whatever my week has in store, I hope yours is wonderful. x


  1. Oh lovely, these photos are beautiful - and I saw your sneak peek over at Tim's blog. What wonderful memories you have captured this weekend.

    I'm sorry that you are feeling a little fragile - hopefully you manage to sneak some more naps this week and start to feel a little better. Thinking of you. xx

  2. you *have* had a roller coaster of a week. i have been feeling like shit too, for the last few days. for no apparent reason. you obviously have a few legit reasons there! i got annoyed today when someone put the toilet roll on the wrong way {i like it to roll outwards} legit reasons here! just good ol cranky pants. tomorrow is a new day. sending love and hugs xxx

  3. What a great/awful weekend! Yay for Tim pics! He captured your family gorgeously! And no no no to yucky parenting advice from non-parents. Don't upset mama bear - she'll open a can of whoopass!!!
    Hope you have a super week xxxx

  4. what a full weekend and such great photos. hope you get some of that rest in this week. xo.

  5. Wow Tahnee, you have the most beautiful family. These photos are so beautiful and I cannot wait to see what Tim has.
    What a full on weekend, not to mention, I imagine a lot of activities and preparation during the week before.
    Be kind to yourself this week. Take it easy. I hope you get some more naps in and you put yourself first.
    We'll see you when we see you. xo

  6. What gorgeous pictures. Sounds like you had a brilliant weekend. First birthdays are so special. Hope you have a great week x

  7. ohhh, first birthday tomorrow! how absolutely wonderful.
    enjoy your little one Tahnee, such a gorgeous time.
    lovely pics, looking forward to seeing all the other magical ones.
    happy day tomorrow mamma! ♥


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