Monday, 9 January 2012

{photo a day challenge ~ january 2012} catch-up

 {day 2 :: breakfast :: banana + cornflakes + honey lemon earl grey}

 {day 3 :: something you adore :: daddy time}

 {day 4 :: letterbox}

 {day 5 :: something you wore :: fave pendant with engraving R+C+E}

 {day 6 :: makes you smile :: smalls talking to grandparents}

{day 7 :: favourite :: singer, songwriter, album} 

 {day 8 :: your sky}

{day 9 :: daily routine :: in the kitchen}

I'm really enjoying this little challenge. I love seeing how everyone interprets the day's topic. And more so, that this challenge is sprawling the globe. #janphotoaday currently stands at 55,333 photos. And that's just Instagram! Chantelle is planning a photo-based challenge for every month of this year. Me likey. This stuff is addictive.


  1. Such beautiful photos. I've just discovered your lovely blog - hello! Look forward to seeing more of your photo a day challenge, and if it's not too late, I might join in.

    1. Thanks Teresa! I'm so glad you found me too. Absolutely join in, it's good fun. Keep an eye on Fat Mum Slim for her next challenge! x

  2. I LOVE your photos... and especially that precious pendant. How's this week been for you, lovely? I love checking your blog and when I see there's a new post.. i go oooh and sit up! G xxxx


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