Sunday, 8 January 2012

one word

It seems to be Maxabella weekend. I'm joining in with her one word link up for the year ahead. I love her enthusiasm ~

The year is kinda new every day when you think about it. We can achieve our goals, create possibilities and keep that uplifting feeling of 'maybe' for as long as we want. Encouraging when I look back at all the broken 'new year' resolutions I've made. There is still time.

She is so right. We CAN achieve our goals. No matter the obstacles. Beth reminded me of this today too. Ever so poetically blunt. How I adore her.

Enough adoration for the blogging queens.

I umm-ed and ahh-ed about what my word would be. I thought I had it with present. But it didn't quite encompass all that I wanted it to. A little pen and paper scribble brought me to ~

I need it. I need to work on it. Focus on the focus, if you will. For the second half of last year, I felt like I couldn't keep my mind focused on one task at a time. Realistically, I know doing one thing at a time and motherhood is like trying to dry your washing in the rain. It doesn't work. We must do ten things at once to get through the day. And we get good at it. Occasionally we lose our shit, but we re-group and get it back together.

I have spoken before about time management, and the focus thing (I believe) works hand in hand. I need to work at it now, especially after the end to last year/beginning of this year that we have had. Already, I feel like I am playing catch up. My choice for focus works as an umbrella for all the other words I thought of, that all seem to encourage each other in the same direction.

Focus on what is important, what is required, what is needed. Focus on being present. In the moment. Not getting carried away with calendars and lists of what is happening tomorrow, next week, next month. Focusing on working smartly, efficiently, doing one thing (ok maybe three) at a time and not starting something else until those things are finished first. I will wake at 6am to start my day, because I want to, not wait until 6.30/7am for a little person to appear at my bedside. I will be prepared, I will focus.

I will. And when I do? I will feel content. Satisfied. Fulfilled. Proud. Focused.

What will your word be for the next 358 days?


  1. If we can FOCUS on the things we really, really want I bet you any money we'd get them. I hope you get all of yours and more, Tahnee. x

  2. Hey there,
    I found you via Maxabella's today :) I am in love with everything you wrote in that last paragraph about focus! I too want to focus on the NOW, each & every moment as it comes & slow down so I can focus on the important things more :)
    Great post!

  3. Focus is my word for this year, too. I need to find focus. Lovely post!

  4. Isn't it funny how easily so many words could be our own word, interpreted in the same way, or differently. Focus is an important thing, focus on life, all the little things around you, your children growing, showing you things they've found or have learnt to do. So many beautiful things to focus on. I wish you all the best for your year of focus. x

  5. Snap! Focus is my word too. It is hard as a mum, because your attention is dragged every which way... just so much to do. I want to narrow my focus, concentrate on finishing fewer things rather than starting a million new projects. I'm craving clarity, calm and a peaceful mind and I think it all comes down to focus.

  6. Oh snap - I also chose focus as my word for similar reasons.

    "Not getting carried away with calendars and lists of what is happening tomorrow, next week, next month" - rang true for me. I seem to always be thinking ahead, and missing the little moments as I go.

    Good luck with finding that focus in 2012.

  7. Focus is a great word - you can do it - now focus!


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