Tuesday, 10 January 2012


Holiday limbo. Hubby went back to work yesterday. Boo. Back to routine. Well, kinda ~ just for a week until our housesitters arrive. And then it's FULL holiday mode baby.

We are still not a well household so it's hard to get back into routine with fragile little ones. I am allowing more tele than I normally would, but still weaning them off it after the amount they have watched over the past few weeks (there is only so much Peppa Pig I can take), as that is the extent of activity the poor souls could muster, with the tiny amount of energy they have had. Things are improving, slowly. Snail pace.

It's nearly nine o'clock and Middle is still awake, thanks to a lovely late afternoon sleep on the couch. How I love those. Ahem. We are strict with bedtime around these parts, all three are normally out for the count by 6.30. Middle has the hiccups, and came to ask me 'are hiccups made of cups?'. Oh bless my sweet boy. I think he is finally fading. I'll give him ten minutes.

Since our holidays are on the horizon, the fridge is looking a little sad and I am only restocking essentials. Which is making meal ideas more difficult than usual. Coupled with my bleh-ness about our limbo week, this was today's lunch menu.

 {no they're not mouldy grapes ~ they're frozen}

 {lunch always ends with a masterchef class :: something about pouring chicken stock into the jelly..}

And then we had breakfast for dinner. Crepes. Not even savoury ones. Ice cream and all. We should all eat breakfast for dinner every now and then. Now there's a cheap meal idea for you Chantelle!

{And yes, he only lasted another ten minutes.}

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